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  1. Photo of Gennaro Nunziante

    Gennaro Nunziante Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Checco Zalone

    Checco Zalone Cast, Screenplay Music

  3. Photo of Eleonora Giovanardi

    Eleonora Giovanardi Cast

  4. Photo of Sonia Bergamasco

    Sonia Bergamasco Cast

  5. Photo of Maurizio Micheli

    Maurizio Micheli Cast

  6. Photo of Lino Banfi

    Lino Banfi Cast

  7. Photo of Ludovica Modugno

    Ludovica Modugno Cast

  8. Photo of Antonino Bruschetta

    Antonino Bruschetta Cast

  9. Photo of Paolo Pierobon

    Paolo Pierobon Cast

  10. Photo of Vittorio Omodei Zorini

    Vittorio Omodei Zorini Cinematography

  11. Photo of Alessandro Vannucci

    Alessandro Vannucci Production Design

  12. Photo of Pietro Valsecchi

    Pietro Valsecchi Producer

  13. Photo of Pietro Morana

    Pietro Morana Editing

  14. Photo of Francesca Casciello

    Francesca Casciello Costume Design