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  1. the prince's rating of the film Rabid

    An excellent start to David Cronenberg’s magnificent career in films ( I am, and always have been, a big fan ). . . and surprise, surprise, Marlyn Cambers did a creditable job of acting to the film - making her character a bit more sympathetic. . .

  2. SpacePirate's rating of the film Rabid

    I am woefully unfamiliar with Cronenberg's catalog, but enjoyed this one a lot and can see why it ranks among the best of his early work. While cheesy by todays standards special fx wise, the idea of man creating something that eventually leads to his own destruction is a theme explored often, yet DC ends up making a unique statement with a time worn trope. Good atmosphere, pacing, and editing. 3.5 stars

  3. Wyatt69's rating of the film Rabid

    This film was well done.The cinematography that integrated over-the shoulder, eye-line match, and high angle shots added to the narrative of a chaotic, rapidly spreading viral outbreak. Cronenberg attempted to convey such a plot through a sinister and sexy protagonist. How the virus was conceived in the beginning of the film remains unclear. The film returns to a truly disturbing yet thrilling resolution at the end.

  4. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Rabid

  5. Brian's rating of the film Rabid

    The film Rabid is a old Canadian horror film that does a good job of being creepy and suspenseful. This film does a good job of keeping viewers interested throughout the movie. For being a horror film made in 1977, all the acting does a good job maintaining the scary aspect of the movie. I would recommend this film to people who really enjoy horror movies. The story touches on a creepy topic of feeding on people.

  6. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Rabid

    Cronenberg's first major motion picture is certainly rough around the edges. But it explores interesting ideas about epidemic and public safety, as well as the internal turmoil that Rose seems to possess about the situation she's caused. There were a few moments that took my breath away, and a few that made me giggle as they reminded me that even the greats like Cronenberg had to start somewhere.

  7. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Rabid

    Lean, mean and ferociously feral. Cronenberg bristled with an energy that's morphed over time into various shades of pervosity, but this early feature delivers.

  8. Octavia's rating of the film Rabid

    Rabid by David Cronenberg was a cheesy gimmicky horror film. I've always respected Cronenberg, but from a distance. As a horror fan, I despise body horror (what Cronenberg is known for) or anything just overly gross. The visuals/special effects were cheesy, yet most likely terrifying for the era. It was clear that Cronenberg was creating a social commentary on sex and the industry of plastic surgery.

  9. Bernie's rating of the film Rabid

    David Cronenberg's Rabid is entertaining but leave much to be desired. The story is engaging but dances between being a small scale story to a city wide epidemic tale and never commits to either weakening the narrative. This creates characters that are never fully explored making them feel more like plot devices then rounded characters. The strongest parts are it's ability to create creepy and uncomfortable moments.

  10. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Rabid

    2-3. This movie kind of has issues with meandering. There are definitely threads that build and have payoff, but it could absolutely be a bit tighter. That being said, it's funny that the movie's plastic surgery aspect is basically irrelevant, other than as a catalyst. And an interesting conflict does develop for Rose regarding body vs self, deepening her beyond a vengeful, 'phallic' woman archetype.

  11. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Rabid

  12. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Rabid

    (3.5 stars) Full of mood and a gritty look. Combines some true horror with a bit of '70s realism. Kind of takes you "underground" into a grizzled world full of a macabre premise and a disgusting creature. On the edge of a zombie flick, but not quite. Much more unique than that. I kind of dug this early Cronenberg joint.

  13. NovaCayne's rating of the film Rabid

    Loved the gruesome images of the Rabid woman running around Montreal. Horror takes shape in more of a violent/disgusted manner. Great film.

  14. Adam GR's rating of the film Rabid

    Lacking the frenzy of a "zombie" film. Marilyn Chambers is gorgeous, and the murders were fascinating, but dragged in between. The first time I've seen Cronenberg's gaze.

  15. David R Williams's rating of the film Rabid

    Surgery leaves a Montreal motorcyclist (Marilyn Chambers) with a bloodsucking appendage in her armpit. No really. And its freaking awesome.

  16. FISCHER's rating of the film Rabid

    Une bienvenue plongée dans l'horreur absolue, version Cronenberg...

  17. En Sangers Bøn's rating of the film Rabid

    One of my favorites by Cronenberg. A bit dated but super grimy, sick and deadly atmospheric one. I like how Cronenberg usually mixes horror realism and a critical vision of what post-humanity could be.

  18. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Rabid

    Canadian films are weird! David Cronenberg is weird!

  19. Rocco's rating of the film Rabid

    A sub-par zombie flick starring a pornographic actress equipped with a murderous armpit orifice...which sounds much more fun than it is. Far and away from Cronenberg's best.

  20. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Rabid

  21. Janae's rating of the film Rabid

    Who can never be sure.

  22. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Rabid

  23. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Rabid

    that's some weird looking pussy

  24. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Rabid

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