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  1. Photo of José Luis Sáenz de Heredia

    José Luis Sáenz de Heredia Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antonio Román

    Antonio Román Director

  3. Photo of Farcisco Franco

    Farcisco Franco Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alfredo Mayo

    Alfredo Mayo Cast

  5. Photo of Ana Mariscal

    Ana Mariscal Cast

  6. Photo of José Nieto

    José Nieto Cast

  7. Photo of Blanca de Silos

    Blanca de Silos Cast

  8. Photo of Rosina Mendía

    Rosina Mendía Cast

  9. Photo of Pilar Soler

    Pilar Soler Cast

  10. Photo of Julio Rey de las Heras

    Julio Rey de las Heras Cast

  11. Photo of Luis Arroyo

    Luis Arroyo Cast

  12. Photo of Heinrich Gärtner

    Heinrich Gärtner Cinematography

  13. Photo of Manuel Parada

    Manuel Parada Music

  14. Photo of Sigfrido Burmann

    Sigfrido Burmann Production Design

  15. Photo of Luis M. Feduchi

    Luis M. Feduchi Production Design

  16. Photo of Eduardo García Maroto

    Eduardo García Maroto Editing

  17. Photo of Bienvenida Sanz

    Bienvenida Sanz Editing

  18. Photo of Manuel Comba

    Manuel Comba Costume Design