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  1. Photo of Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jenny Lumet

    Jenny Lumet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway Cast

  4. Photo of Rosemarie DeWitt

    Rosemarie DeWitt Cast

  5. Photo of Bill Irwin

    Bill Irwin Cast

  6. Photo of Mather Zickel

    Mather Zickel Cast

  7. Photo of Debra Winger

    Debra Winger Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Deavere Smith

    Anna Deavere Smith Cast

  9. Photo of Tunde Adebimpe

    Tunde Adebimpe Cast

  10. Photo of Anisa George

    Anisa George Cast

  11. Photo of Victoria Hayes

    Victoria Hayes Cast

  12. Photo of Jerome Le Page

    Jerome Le Page Cast

  13. Photo of Fab 5 Freddy

    Fab 5 Freddy Cast

  14. Photo of Robyn Hitchcock

    Robyn Hitchcock Cast

  15. Photo of Sister Carol East

    Sister Carol East Cast

  16. Photo of Beau Sia

    Beau Sia Cast

  17. Photo of Andre Blake

    Andre Blake Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Cast

  19. Photo of Tamyra Gray

    Tamyra Gray Cast

  20. Photo of Sebastian Stan

    Sebastian Stan Cast

  21. Photo of Annaleigh Ashford

    Annaleigh Ashford Cast

  22. Photo of Declan Quinn

    Declan Quinn Cinematography

  23. Photo of Donald Harrison Jr.

    Donald Harrison Jr. Music

  24. Photo of Zafer Tawil

    Zafer Tawil Music and Cast

  25. Photo of Ford Wheeler

    Ford Wheeler Production Design

  26. Photo of Neda Armian

    Neda Armian Producer

  27. Photo of Marc Platt

    Marc Platt Producer

  28. Photo of H.H. Cooper

    H.H. Cooper Producer

  29. Photo of Elizabeth Hayes

    Elizabeth Hayes Producer

  30. Photo of Innbo Shim

    Innbo Shim Producer and Cast

  31. Photo of Carol Cuddy

    Carol Cuddy Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Ilona Herzberg

    Ilona Herzberg Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Tim Squyres

    Tim Squyres Editing

  34. Photo of Susan Lyall

    Susan Lyall Costume Design

  35. Photo of Kim Jennings

    Kim Jennings Art Department