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  1. maksym hruszczenko's rating of the film Rachel

    Simone Bitton: "I suppose that I initiated the project of Rachel as an attempt to cleanse myself of this shame: I wanted to film in Gaza because I know that if filmmakers stop filming in places where they are not welcome, not only will it become easier for occupation forces everywhere to kill and destroy ā€“ but also documentary cinema itself will die ā€“ and only the TV news media spectacle of war will remain."

  2. DrFirestone's rating of the film Rachel

    Powerful documentary, both personal and also revealing the disturbing situation in the region, while avoiding easy judgement. This film is an evidence there are pure, brave and humble people out there, willing to selflessly help those who lost everything, even if it's just them against a machine, perhaps an industry of hate. The film exposes our contrasting nature - how beautiful and evil, or indifferent we are.

  3. Alex Flores's rating of the film Rachel

  4. lou.'s rating of the film Rachel

    I got the goosebumps watching this documentary. It's unbelievably hurting and moving. Sure thing this is an ambitious project, giving word to each and every part involved in a never-ending conflict, even if there's quite an evidence of emotional involvement. Taking the stand of the weaker victims is just inevitable. If only this wonderful wrecked (holy) land could finally find peace!