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  1. wiwitaek's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    we drive ourselves to our end. congratulation

  2. jooley's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    While the project it documents is one of a kind, and it does put across some very eloquent points, this movie felt very disjointed. I think it would have been better off focusing on the sublime photography of one of the two protagonists and on the projections themselves rather than pushing that to the last few minutes and trying to cram in every environmental concern we're facing. Top marks for the haunting music.

  3. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Racing Extinction

    We screwed the world on a global scale so why not also ruin the countryside people's livelihood in some remote village of Indonesia where they hunt manta rays in order to survive as they find it difficult to grow plants in there? Cause we all know killing manta rays is wrong, they are cute, they are innocent, but leaving people starve and live in poor conditions is totally fine. Fuck off.

  4. Matt Richards's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    I saw half of this at MIFF last year and finally got to finish it. An incredibly well made and timely documentary that breaks the heart and urges compassion for all of the other species that we share this planet with. Great stuff! 4 stars

  5. vordven's rating of the film Racing Extinction

  6. Francisco Mouraz's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    Sitting in the couch and watching the world crumble.

  7. Fabiha's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    “My goal is to make a film that doesn't just create awareness, but inspires people to get motivated to change this insane path we're on. Films to me aren't just entertainment — they are for me the most powerful weapon in the world, a weapon of mass construction.”

  8. Sara Castro's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    I'm deeply heartbroken. I wish humans would go away.

  9. Luís Silva's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    Is a surprisingly well-done documentary. It really summarizes and gives good examples of mankind impact without falling in the same errors of many films before. The secret is possibly in the image, the right amount of shock/reality and sincerity of the intervinients.

  10. sainte's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    Sad and interesting. Near the end I thought it was a bit extreme and unrealistic to imagine everyone turning vegan. But I do agree that reducing meat (especially red meat) consumption is a good idea. I hope this pushes people to make the right decisions for the planet. Really well done documentary.

  11. Kylie West's rating of the film Racing Extinction

    Attended a pre-release screening of this and was absolutely blown away. This film is a must-see, not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but also because the message is a powerful one that needs to be put out there. If this film doesn't make people care about the planet, nothing will.