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  1. Photo of Christian Lo

    Christian Lo Director

  2. Photo of Morten Hovland

    Morten Hovland Screenplay

  3. Photo of Live Marie Runde

    Live Marie Runde Cast

  4. Photo of Ado Johanna Girirpio

    Ado Johanna Girirpio Cast

  5. Photo of Jonathan Espolin

    Jonathan Espolin Cast

  6. Photo of Regine Stokkevåg Eide

    Regine Stokkevåg Eide Cast

  7. Photo of Teri Mungai

    Teri Mungai Cast

  8. Photo of Andrea Bræin Hovig

    Andrea Bræin Hovig Cast

  9. Photo of Sigurd Kappeslåen Stuen

    Sigurd Kappeslåen Stuen Cast

  10. Photo of Masood Zarin

    Masood Zarin Cast

  11. Photo of Bjørnar Lysfoss Hagesveen

    Bjørnar Lysfoss Hagesveen Cast

  12. Photo of Ane Dahl Torp

    Ane Dahl Torp Cast

  13. Photo of Tom Larsen

    Tom Larsen Cast

  14. Photo of Jon Øigarden

    Jon Øigarden Cast

  15. Photo of Anders Baasmo Christiansen

    Anders Baasmo Christiansen Cast

  16. Photo of Yngve Sørli

    Yngve Sørli Cast

  17. Photo of Per Tofte

    Per Tofte Cast

  18. Photo of Halimo Abdi-Hassan

    Halimo Abdi-Hassan Cast

  19. Photo of Elin Thingstad

    Elin Thingstad Cast

  20. Photo of Maria Monsen Jostad

    Maria Monsen Jostad Cast

  21. Photo of Øyvind Granaasen Fougner

    Øyvind Granaasen Fougner Cast

  22. Photo of Christian Strand

    Christian Strand Cast

  23. Photo of Bjørn Ståle Bratberg

    Bjørn Ståle Bratberg Cinematography

  24. Photo of Eirik Myhr

    Eirik Myhr Music

  25. Photo of Trine Aadalen Lo

    Trine Aadalen Lo Producer

  26. Photo of Arild Tryggestad

    Arild Tryggestad Editing