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  1. Photo of George C. Scott

    George C. Scott Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Leon Fromkess

    Leon Fromkess Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Fred Weintraub

    Fred Weintraub Producer

  4. Photo of Philip Friedman

    Philip Friedman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fred J. Koenekamp

    Fred J. Koenekamp Cinematography

  6. Photo of Richard Basehart

    Richard Basehart Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Sheen

    Martin Sheen Cast

  8. Photo of Barnard Hughes

    Barnard Hughes Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Stevens

    Paul Stevens Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Kahn

    Michael Kahn Editing

  11. Photo of Dan Kleinman

    Dan Kleinman Screenplay and Producer

  12. Photo of Stephen Young

    Stephen Young Cast

  13. Photo of Kenneth Tobey

    Kenneth Tobey Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Walden

    Robert Walden Cast

  15. Photo of William Jordan

    William Jordan Cast

  16. Photo of Dabbs Greer

    Dabbs Greer Cast

  17. Photo of John Dierkes

    John Dierkes Cast

  18. Photo of Bette Henritze

    Bette Henritze Cast

  19. Photo of Lou Frizzell

    Lou Frizzell Cast

  20. Photo of Ed Lauter

    Ed Lauter Cast

  21. Photo of Terry Wilson

    Terry Wilson Cast

  22. Photo of Fielding Greaves

    Fielding Greaves Cast

  23. Photo of J. Ronald Getty

    J. Ronald Getty Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Lalo Schifrin

    Lalo Schifrin Music