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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Rage

    Attempts to do something different, and that makes it somewhat worthwhile. In the end though, it fails to impress.

  2. michael ribeiro's rating of the film Rage

    Really silly in that it indulges in the very superficiality it is supposedly critiquing, with lots of famous people hamming it up. I've seen audtion tapes that have more substance this.

  3. Harley133's rating of the film Rage

    I didn't feel it was a feature film at all, I found myself skipping the majority of it. I did find the interlude typing quite interesting though as it helped tell some of the story. I did think it went on or way too long however, but the performance of all the cast, except maybe for lilly cole, was extroadinary. I felt like Cole's performance was that of an undergraduate drama students on her final peice.

  4. Richard Hibbert's rating of the film Rage

    @Robert: "some may not like it due to its lack of special effects and action sequences". Wow, I thought I would read something as pathetic as that on IMDb, but on The Auteurs?

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Rage

    Rather contrived and very wearisome.

  6. hussain currimbhoy's rating of the film Rage

    potter is an exceptional talent, but this makes her look ike she can't direct traffic. good actors go very wrong in this. what a pity. starting to see what its free.

  7. jef costello's rating of the film Rage

    A total disaster. It's not a feature film; maybe, only for iphones.

  8. Happy Lee DC's rating of the film Rage

    Did anyone notice this is the same movie whose script we see Sally Potter trying to write in Lesson Two of "The Tango Lesson" (1997)... She then abandons the writing of "Rage" and takes up Tango in the film (going from "Rage" to "Pleasure"... interesting)... Anyhow, it just goes to show for how long an idea can nest inside an auteur's / artist's head before it sees the light of day. It's an inspiring thought.

  9. 4LOM's rating of the film Rage

    Ich vergass: Nicht "Short Cut to Hollywood" war der Tiefpunkt der Berlinale 2009, sondern Sally Potters Film über die Modewelt.

  10. nick hall's rating of the film Rage

    At first I really wasnt sure I would like this, but I couldnt take my eyes off the screen. I loved the use of walls of colour behind the characters and Jude Law is sumptuous as Minx. Although I much prefer Jude as his sexy self!

  11. RadioactiveMouse's rating of the film Rage

    Really like the character portrayal in this film. Each character owns his/her own space yet all have distinct links between them.

  12. cadence_williams's rating of the film Rage

    There have been a flood of fashion films emerging recently - if you can call them that- and the ones I find the most compelling are those that have an element of reality about them. The September Issue, for example, I found surprisingly interesting. Rage takes on a slightly different format, being acted reality, but in this feigned reality, I think the industry as it is, is actually quite accurately portrayed.

  13. Livlytique's rating of the film Rage

    Fantastic. The use of colour and lighting was perfect; the camera angles drew me in, right the way through; Judi Dench, Diane Wiest and MINX - divine.

  14. charliemail's rating of the film Rage

    Great to see a director who is always prepared to break the rules and do something different. Incredible the way she tells the off-screen story when all you see is people's faces. I loved it. Bravo!

  15. Robert's rating of the film Rage

    A well thought out and clever film, some may not like it due to its lack of special effects and action sequences but if you want a film that will make you think and having you guessing through out, this is well worth a watch

  16. JohnnyCrew's rating of the film Rage

    Stunning. Truly original, with amazing performances from a great cast.