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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Photosynthesis's rating of the film Rage

    La película tiene sus momentos interesantes. Particularmente, cuando Colson explica algunas variantes del anarquismo en el tiempo pero otros momentos (como cuando explican el funcionamiento del 303) son muy aburridos. No queda claro la relación entre el acid techno y el anarquismo.

  2. Juan Javier's rating of the film Rage

    No necesitas hacer una película solo porque te consideras anarquista y te gusta la música.

  3. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Rage

    A just over two hour long documentary that discusses the musical sub-genre known as 'acid techno', and makes a case for whether "it's the most anarchistic of musical genres or not. The film consists mostly of long, boring interview monologues, but every now and then they put in some interesting visuals accompanied by some of the earlier mentioned 'acid techno'. The drum part at the beginning was pretty cool as well.

  4. Amos's rating of the film Rage

  5. Korial's rating of the film Rage

    Majestic. Some deep talks about anarchism, subcultures and existentialism themes; good music, nice people, and top notch intro & finale.

  6. keremebrulee's rating of the film Rage

    Not an easy watch, but if you manage to hold on, towards the second half, you start seeing how the freedom of electronic music walks hand in hand with the freedom of the people.

  7. Clarisse Lemaitre's rating of the film Rage