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  1. Photo of Richard Williams

    Richard Williams Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Johnny Gruelle

    Johnny Gruelle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patrica Thackray

    Patrica Thackray Screenplay

  4. Photo of Max Wilk

    Max Wilk Screenplay

  5. Photo of Didi Conn

    Didi Conn Cast

  6. Photo of Mark Baker

    Mark Baker Cast

  7. Photo of Fred Stuthman

    Fred Stuthman Cast

  8. Photo of Niki Flacks

    Niki Flacks Cast

  9. Photo of George S. Irving

    George S. Irving Cast

  10. Photo of Arnold Stang

    Arnold Stang Cast

  11. Photo of Joe Silver

    Joe Silver Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Sues

    Alan Sues Cast

  13. Photo of Marty Brill

    Marty Brill Cast

  14. Photo of Mason Adams

    Mason Adams Cast

  15. Photo of Allen Swift

    Allen Swift Cast

  16. Photo of Hetty Galen

    Hetty Galen Cast

  17. Photo of Ardyth Kaiser

    Ardyth Kaiser Cast

  18. Photo of Sheldon Harnick

    Sheldon Harnick Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Dooley

    Paul Dooley Cast

  20. Photo of Claire Williams

    Claire Williams Cast

  21. Photo of Dick Mingalone

    Dick Mingalone Cinematography

  22. Photo of Al Rezek

    Al Rezek Cinematography

  23. Photo of Joe Raposo

    Joe Raposo Music

  24. Photo of Corny Cole

    Corny Cole Production Design and Animation

  25. Photo of Richard Horner

    Richard Horner Producer

  26. Photo of Harry Chang

    Harry Chang Editing

  27. Photo of Lee Kent

    Lee Kent Editing

  28. Photo of Ken Mcllwaine

    Ken Mcllwaine Editing

  29. Photo of Maxwell Seligman

    Maxwell Seligman Editing

  30. Photo of Art Babbitt

    Art Babbitt Animation

  31. Photo of Tisha David

    Tisha David Animation

  32. Photo of Emery Hawkins

    Emery Hawkins Animation

  33. Photo of Hal Ambro

    Hal Ambro Animation

  34. Photo of Charlie Downs

    Charlie Downs Animation

  35. Photo of John Kimball

    John Kimball Animation

  36. Photo of Gerry Chiniquy

    Gerry Chiniquy Animation

  37. Photo of Chrystal Russell

    Chrystal Russell Animation

  38. Photo of Spencer Peel

    Spencer Peel Animation

  39. Photo of John Bruno

    John Bruno Animation

  40. Photo of Doug Crane

    Doug Crane Animation

  41. Photo of George Bakes

    George Bakes Animation

  42. Photo of Art Vitello

    Art Vitello Animation

  43. Photo of Grim Natwick

    Grim Natwick Animation