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  1. Photo of Stephan Luca

    Stephan Luca Cast

  2. Photo of Silke Bodenbender

    Silke Bodenbender Cast

  3. Photo of Klaus J. Behrendt

    Klaus J. Behrendt Cast

  4. Photo of Christian Kahrmann

    Christian Kahrmann Cast

  5. Photo of Wolfram Teufel

    Wolfram Teufel Cast

  6. Photo of Sabine Wolf

    Sabine Wolf Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Wilde

    Tim Wilde Cast

  8. Photo of Niels-Bruno Schmidt

    Niels-Bruno Schmidt Cast

  9. Photo of Sophie Bristell

    Sophie Bristell Cast

  10. Photo of Klaus Schreiber

    Klaus Schreiber Cast

  11. Photo of Rainer Matsutani

    Rainer Matsutani Director