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  1. Photo of Banmei Takahashi

    Banmei Takahashi Director

  2. Photo of Takeshi Aoshima

    Takeshi Aoshima Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wahei Tatematsu

    Wahei Tatematsu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Masato Hagiwara

    Masato Hagiwara Cast

  5. Photo of Ren Ohsugi

    Ren Ohsugi Cast

  6. Photo of Sansei Shiomi

    Sansei Shiomi Cast

  7. Photo of Mansaku Ikeuchi

    Mansaku Ikeuchi Cast

  8. Photo of Nae

    Nae Cast

  9. Photo of Naoki Matsuda

    Naoki Matsuda Cast

  10. Photo of Sô Yamanaka

    Sô Yamanaka Cast

  11. Photo of Daisuke Kondô

    Daisuke Kondô Cast

  12. Photo of Miwa Kawagoe

    Miwa Kawagoe Cast

  13. Photo of Takahide Shibanushi

    Takahide Shibanushi Cinematography

  14. Photo of Shigeru Umebayashi

    Shigeru Umebayashi Music

  15. Photo of Jun'ichi Kikuchi

    Jun'ichi Kikuchi Editing