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  1. Photo of Vincent Ward

    Vincent Ward Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Alison Carter

    Alison Carter Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louis Nowra

    Louis Nowra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Harmony Wihapi

    Harmony Wihapi Cast

  5. Photo of Miriama Rangi

    Miriama Rangi Cast

  6. Photo of Rena Owen

    Rena Owen Cast

  7. Photo of Temuera Morrison

    Temuera Morrison Cast

  8. Photo of Taungaroa Emile

    Taungaroa Emile Cast

  9. Photo of Waihoroi Shortland

    Waihoroi Shortland Cast

  10. Photo of Toby Morehu

    Toby Morehu Cast

  11. Photo of Mahue Tawa

    Mahue Tawa Cast

  12. Photo of Mikaira Tawhara

    Mikaira Tawhara Cast

  13. Photo of Adam Clark

    Adam Clark Cinematography

  14. Photo of Leon Narbey

    Leon Narbey Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jack Body

    Jack Body Music

  16. Photo of John Gibson

    John Gibson Music

  17. Photo of Shayne Radford

    Shayne Radford Production Design

  18. Photo of Margaret Slater

    Margaret Slater Producer

  19. Photo of Tainui Stephens

    Tainui Stephens Producer

  20. Photo of Chris Plummer

    Chris Plummer Editing

  21. Photo of Amy Barber

    Amy Barber Sound

  22. Photo of Colleen Brennan

    Colleen Brennan Sound

  23. Photo of Nikora Ngaropo

    Nikora Ngaropo Sound