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Ratings & Reviews

  1. buikspiertrainer's rating of the film Rain of the Children

    Dit is zo'n lekkere lange film, die je op een koude winteravond lekker op de bank gaat bekijken. Doos tissues erbij en een mok warme chocolademelk en je avond kan niet meer stuk.( Je kunt ook altijd nog even kijken op )

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Rain of the Children

    Ward revisits the life of a woman he documented at the start of his career and decides he wants to know her by examining her history despite her death back in 1980. A labour of love for the director who may well have made the film for his own personal fulfillment more so than a prospective audience. Historical recreations are quite striking and the eye Ward has shown in past narrative features is certainly evidant.

  3. Lani Feltham's rating of the film Rain of the Children

    If you haven't seen it - watch it. Here is what the reviewers thought: “Stunning” “... a haunting historical epic... compelling… mythic in its sweep Masterful” Hollywood Reporter. “Emotionally rewarding… imaginative… stylish.. powerful... and heart wrenching... visual and aural artistry at work.” Variety. “A deeply personal and incredibly moving film.” Sydney Film Festival

  4. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Rain of the Children

    The life of Puhi,a fascinating woman and an introduction,for some,to Maori culture. Staying with this documentary,you will be rewarded with recreations of events from Tuhoe history,including the 1916 police raid.