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  1. Photo of King Hu

    King Hu Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henry Chan

    Henry Chan Cinematography

  3. Photo of Ng Tai King

    Ng Tai King Music

  4. Photo of Feng Hsu

    Feng Hsu Cast

  5. Photo of Yueh Sun

    Yueh Sun Cast

  6. Photo of Chun Shih

    Chun Shih Cast

  7. Photo of Feng Tien

    Feng Tien Cast

  8. Photo of Chan Wai-Lau

    Chan Wai-Lau Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Chun

    Paul Chun Cast

  10. Photo of Han Su

    Han Su Cast

  11. Photo of Wen Tai Li

    Wen Tai Li Cast

  12. Photo of Tung Lin

    Tung Lin Cast

  13. Photo of Kuang Yu Wang

    Kuang Yu Wang Cast

  14. Photo of Wu Chia-hsiang

    Wu Chia-hsiang Cast

  15. Photo of Wu Ming-tsai

    Wu Ming-tsai Cast