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  1. Photo of Saitô Buichi

    Saitô Buichi Director

  2. Photo of Yamazaki Iwao

    Yamazaki Iwao Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kyoji Aoyama

    Kyoji Aoyama Cast

  4. Photo of Ruriko Asaoka

    Ruriko Asaoka Cast

  5. Photo of Shinsuke Ashida

    Shinsuke Ashida Cast

  6. Photo of Hanamura Dian

    Hanamura Dian Cast

  7. Photo of Arihiro Fujimura

    Arihiro Fujimura Cast

  8. Photo of Nobuo Kawakami

    Nobuo Kawakami Cast

  9. Photo of Akira Kobayashi

    Akira Kobayashi Cast

  10. Photo of Gô Kuroda

    Gô Kuroda Cast

  11. Photo of Yûko Kusunoki

    Yûko Kusunoki Cast

  12. Photo of Kyosuke

    Kyosuke Cast

  13. Photo of Hiroshi Matsusaburo

    Hiroshi Matsusaburo Cast

  14. Photo of Mari Shiraki

    Mari Shiraki Cast

  15. Photo of Goro Tarumi

    Goro Tarumi Cast

  16. Photo of Mokpo Yu

    Mokpo Yu Cast

  17. Photo of Takamura Taro

    Takamura Taro Cinematography

  18. Photo of Taichirô Kosugi

    Taichirô Kosugi Music

  19. Photo of Mitsuo Kondô

    Mitsuo Kondô Editing