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  1. Photo of George Pan Cosmatos

    George Pan Cosmatos Director

  2. Photo of Mario Kassar

    Mario Kassar Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Andrew G. Vajna

    Andrew G. Vajna Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Buzz Feitshans

    Buzz Feitshans Producer

  5. Photo of Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone Screenplay and Cast

  6. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kevin Jarre

    Kevin Jarre Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jack Cardiff

    Jack Cardiff Cinematography

  9. Photo of Richard Crenna

    Richard Crenna Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Napier

    Charles Napier Cast

  11. Photo of Steven Berkoff

    Steven Berkoff Cast

  12. Photo of Julia Nickson

    Julia Nickson Cast

  13. Photo of Martin Kove

    Martin Kove Cast

  14. Photo of George Cheung

    George Cheung Cast

  15. Photo of Dana Lee

    Dana Lee Cast

  16. Photo of Voyo Goric

    Voyo Goric Cast

  17. Photo of William Ghent

    William Ghent Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Grant

    Christopher Grant Cast

  19. Photo of Larry Bock

    Larry Bock Editing

  20. Photo of Mark Goldblatt

    Mark Goldblatt Editing

  21. Photo of Mark Helfrich

    Mark Helfrich Editing

  22. Photo of Gib Jaffe

    Gib Jaffe Editing

  23. Photo of Frank E. Jimenez

    Frank E. Jimenez Editing

  24. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music