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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Rambo

    A surprisingly more believable action movie that returns to the gritty mood of the original but still having the character as one-man slaughter machine as in the sequels. It has a message and probably gave morale boost to the resistance fighters of Burma, but what is most effective is the brutal action that looks like it was taken from a horrific slasher movie.

  2. S Campbell's rating of the film Rambo

    Actually this isn't half bad but very violent

  3. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Rambo

  4. Sacha Raphard's rating of the film Rambo

    Je m'attendais à un film d'action d'une débilité sans nom, j'ai trouvé un film très sensible, très émouvant, parlant des vétérans de guerre qui reviennent au pays pour se retrouver complètement marginalisés et sans repère.

  5. Lorenzo's rating of the film Rambo

    Lack of content or not, the essence of an action film is action - meaning violence - and Rambo IV delivers it with good direction, camerawork and editing. And yes indeed, it was surprisingly entertaining.

  6. Star Lord's rating of the film Rambo

    John Rambo il titolo italiano. 1,5. Si poteva evitare il ritorno di Rambo.

  7. Carl Penguin's rating of the film Rambo

  8. suede's rating of the film Rambo

    Obscene gore and war porn, catering to a new generation with post-1990s viewing habits. One couldn't care less about the Christian missionary dorks and their absurd undertaking.

  9. hirzi_chandani's rating of the film Rambo

  10. dolugen's rating of the film Rambo

    Blood, blood, old angry Rambo, and more blood.

  11. Junda Mane's rating of the film Rambo

    A more fitting throwback to classic 80's action cinema than The Expendables 1 & 2 ever wished they were.

  12. eulerate's rating of the film Rambo

    the last battle is a melon-popping (all other parts of the human body are popped as well) rain of machismo that will be remembered as one of the most violent scenes in film history. at 62, stallone executes stunts that prove his willingness to die an action hero. this is how you 'git-er-done. this is the real deal.

  13. wolfmansRazor's rating of the film Rambo

    The action is gruesome and uncompromising. You could probably read this as an apologia for American interventionism, if you were so inclined. Rambo (the ur-American) is reluctantly drawn into a conflict in a third world country, with a brutal dictatorship inflicting horrors on its own citizens. Rambo leads the coalition forces into the nation and resolves the conflict with some brutal violence of his own.

  14. Palmat's rating of the film Rambo

    If you take ithis movie for what it is then you´ll be alright. If you have any illusions of this reaching the same level as First Blood you are sorely mistaken. If anything you have to give Stallone some credit for not skipping on the gore and violence. The final shoot out is off the chain!

  15. JundaMane's rating of the film Rambo

    this is what The Expendables should've been like. Just all-out, ultra violent popcorn entertainment. Silly brainless fun for lover's of the original trilogy, I had a blast with this.

  16. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Rambo

    Rambo is back and better than ever (3.4/5)

  17. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Rambo

    Could not believe Stallone still had it, fun and very gory, the last 10 minutes is a sublime killfest, wow

  18. Brian O'blivion's rating of the film Rambo

  19. Sequelcast's rating of the film Rambo

    Nice comeback for the Rambo franchise, this one has a more serious tone that makes it closer to First Blood. Most gory on the franchise!

  20. Quoíx's rating of the film Rambo

    Watching this movie was the closest I ever got to walking out of a theater.

  21. chanandre's rating of the film Rambo

    Guy does not have time to develop a love relationship. That is bad-ass.

  22. Alan Funkle's rating of the film Rambo

    terrible, die hard 4 was better than this re-tread. gone is the terrific rambo score making this a horrible dissapointment as I liked rambo 1 and 2.

  23. KungfuTarkovsky's rating of the film Rambo

  24. Ryan Estabrooks's rating of the film Rambo

    Finally, a great action movie! We need more of these! None of it really comes as as overly cheesy to me, it never tries to act like it's "Citizen Kane" and bite off more than it can chew. It simply focuses on what is important to Rambo and the story. Highly entertaining!

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