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  1. Photo of Mehreen Jabbar

    Mehreen Jabbar Director, Editing

  2. Photo of Javed Jabbar

    Javed Jabbar Screenplay, Producer

  3. Photo of Mohammad Ahmad

    Mohammad Ahmad Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mariam Mukaty

    Mariam Mukaty Producer

  5. Photo of Debajyoti Mishra

    Debajyoti Mishra Music

  6. Photo of Sofian Khan

    Sofian Khan Cinematography

  7. Photo of Aseem Sinha

    Aseem Sinha Editing

  8. Photo of Patrick Donahue

    Patrick Donahue Sound

  9. Photo of Nandita Das

    Nandita Das Cast

  10. Photo of Syed Fazal Hussain

    Syed Fazal Hussain Cast

  11. Photo of Navaid Jabbar

    Navaid Jabbar Cast

  12. Photo of Rashid Farooqi

    Rashid Farooqi Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Wasti

    Maria Wasti Cast

  14. Photo of Nouman Ijaz

    Nouman Ijaz Cast

  15. Photo of Adnan Shah

    Adnan Shah Cast

  16. Photo of Adarsh Ayaz

    Adarsh Ayaz Cast

  17. Photo of Farooq Pareo

    Farooq Pareo Cast

  18. Photo of Shaood Alvi

    Shaood Alvi Cast

  19. Photo of Zhalay Sharhadi

    Zhalay Sharhadi Cast

  20. Photo of Atif Badar

    Atif Badar Cast

  21. Photo of Salim Mairaj

    Salim Mairaj Cast