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  1. Photo of Henry King

    Henry King Director

  2. Photo of Helen Hunt Jackson

    Helen Hunt Jackson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lamar Trotti

    Lamar Trotti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stuart Anthony

    Stuart Anthony Screenplay

  5. Photo of Paul Hervey Fox

    Paul Hervey Fox Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sonya Levien

    Sonya Levien Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lillian Wurtzel

    Lillian Wurtzel Screenplay

  8. Photo of Loretta Young

    Loretta Young Cast

  9. Photo of Don Ameche

    Don Ameche Cast

  10. Photo of Kent Taylor

    Kent Taylor Cast

  11. Photo of Pauline Frederick

    Pauline Frederick Cast

  12. Photo of Jane Darwell

    Jane Darwell Cast

  13. Photo of Katherine DeMille

    Katherine DeMille Cast

  14. Photo of Victor Kilian

    Victor Kilian Cast

  15. Photo of John Carradine

    John Carradine Cast

  16. Photo of J. Carrol Naish

    J. Carrol Naish Cast

  17. Photo of Pedro de Cordoba

    Pedro de Cordoba Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Waldron

    Charles Waldron Cast

  19. Photo of Claire Du Brey

    Claire Du Brey Cast

  20. Photo of Russell Simpson

    Russell Simpson Cast

  21. Photo of William 'Billy' Benedict

    William 'Billy' Benedict Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Spindola

    Robert Spindola Cast

  23. Photo of Chief Thundercloud

    Chief Thundercloud Cast

  24. Photo of John Stone

    John Stone Producer

  25. Photo of Sol M. Wurtzel

    Sol M. Wurtzel Producer

  26. Photo of Darryl F. Zanuck

    Darryl F. Zanuck Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  28. Photo of William V. Skall

    William V. Skall Cinematography

  29. Photo of Alfred DeGaetano

    Alfred DeGaetano Editing

  30. Photo of Duncan Cramer

    Duncan Cramer Production Design