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  1. vordven's rating of the film Rampage

  2. RefinedGentle's rating of the film Rampage

  3. Loris De Santis's rating of the film Rampage

    Interessante critica al sistema americano, con un protagonista che vuole combatterlo anche se incarnazione a sua volta dell'America odierna: cinico, psicotico, egoista e autodistruttivo. Le argomentazioni purtroppo rimangono abbastanza sterili ma non per questo ci impediscono di goderci un film che intrattiene bene, con un idea tutto sommato carina alla base e con un paio di scene da ricordare.

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Rampage

    Un lavoro con aspetti davvero interessanti,che ricorda molto l'Elephant di Van Sant ma con molta più violenza.Una critica fortissima al sistema-America,con il suo protagonista che si nasconde dietro un nichilismo di facciata ed un'ideologia presa a prestito per realizzare i suoi sogni di protagonismo,vendetta e ricchezza.Troppa camera a mano per i miei gusti,ma alcune scene(tipo il Bingo) fanno davvero riflettere.3*

  5. Howard Orr's rating of the film Rampage

    At first sight a progression in Uwe Boll's craft, in that the film, however forlornly, reaches towards a critique of consumerist culture; yet despite this, its flashforward glimpses into the impending violence indicate its ultimately sensationalist aim. After all, consumerist culture -and that includes cinema- holds within itself ample room for exploiting the violence that it claims to abhor.

  6. Junda Mane's rating of the film Rampage

    Pretty damn good, especially when you realise who this is coming from.

  7. Westley's rating of the film Rampage

    A scathing critique of our degenerate American culture. The main character embodies what America has become --depraved, psychotic, and self-destructive. This is a very prescient film. I highly recommend it.

  8. eek's rating of the film Rampage

    Solid movie, but a GOOD Uwe Boll movie, yes.

  9. Robert Waeck's rating of the film Rampage

    Interesting and intriguing for all the wrong reasons.

  10. CJ Roy's rating of the film Rampage

    It may be morally vacant and fairly gratuitous but it does have some inspired satire. The Bingo sequence alone makes me curious about Boll's other works.

  11. Grimnik's rating of the film Rampage

    Sehr guter Film, den man in einigen Belangen sogar als einzigartig bezeichnen kann. Absolut empfehlenswert in der Uncut Originalversion. Die (bundes)deutsche DVD hat leider ein völlig anderes Ende ist und ist stark geschnitten. 10 von 10 Punkte :-)

  12. Bret Bynum's rating of the film Rampage

    This film's brutal and gratuitous violence deeply offended me! This movie tried to make a statement that society is crumbling, but I don't need to see beauty parlors full of innocent women be mowed down with a machine gun to get that point. The main character's way of making that statement defeats the purpose of the statement itself; mass murder? And where is the solution to the problem? The film offers none. 0/5

  13. postavant's rating of the film Rampage

    Disturbingly topical and surprisingly natural, Uwe Boll's Rampage is easily his best film, despite all of the usual shortcomings that plague his work.

  14. ARGIL's rating of the film Rampage

    This is the only Uwe Boll film I´ve seen. Apparently he´s guilty of a number of sub-par movies. I liked Rampage. Not bad, at all... the bingo sequence is a classic.