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  1. Steve G.'s rating of the film Rampage

    Might have liked this more if, in his attempt at securing a death sentence, Michael Biehn had said, "We waste him. No offence!"

  2. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Rampage

    Neither argument is persuasive or subtle but the film *does* demonstrate capital punishment as flawed when used as an absolute (rather than leverage) in U.S. criminal procedure.

  3. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Rampage

    My problem with this film is the disjointed focus. It's a serial killer story, a courtroom procedural, a crime thriller. All at the same time, without really making any one a particular theme. The pieces are pretty ok as stand alone, but don't come together in the end.

  4. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Rampage

  5. Amin Lumière's rating of the film Rampage

  6. Matt Keane's rating of the film Rampage

    This exceeded my expectations. The script is about as subtle as a bearded man in a negligee but yet again Friedkin manages to elevate what should be a run-of-the-mill genre piece into a provocative and dark work of moral ambiguity.