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420 Ratings


Directed by Oren Moverman
United States, 2011


Woody Harrelson gives a ferocious performance as a dirty cop, balancing a home life with two ex-wives as he becomes embroiled in the Los Angeles Police Department’s infamous Rampart corruption scandal.

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Rampart Directed by Oren Moverman

What are people saying?

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Rampart

    An artful look at the Rampart scandal of the 1990s in Los Angeles. Woody Harrelson does a fantastic job playing the angry, frustrated, alcohol-fueled police officer at the centre of the scandal. The style is split between documentary-like coverage and wide static shots of sun-scorched LA. Echoes of "Bad Lieutenant" aside, this film is meditative and destructive - but, it would have been nice to receive more answers.

  • Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Rampart

    Woody Harrelson is excellent in this otherwise rather dry film about a racist policeman whose brutal tactics finally land him in serious trouble, leading him to re-examine his life. Atmospheric, but kind of aimless, and not quite as deep as it thinks it is despite some fine performances.

  • Daniella's rating of the film Rampart

    "SHAME" moves from NYC to LA, but instead of an elegant top executive we get a white trash, racist, corrupt cop. AMAZING performance by Harrelson. Unfortunately low budget films like this one go unnoticed.

  • Matt Richards's rating of the film Rampart

    Harrelson does a 'Bad Lieutenant' in what starts out as a fairly straight-forward cop-off-the-rails and slowly morphs into a deeper and pretty disturbing portrait of mental illness and the social decay of the time. Harrelson is fantastic and the story moves along well. The look, shot on Arri Alexa feels a little mismatched in parts and for me there was still a little something missing by the end. 3 stars

  • Howard Orr's rating of the film Rampart

    [Spolier] Harrelson is very convincing as a man longing to recapture an innocence he has forgotten, finally shut out in the same neon-lit world as Travis Bickle. I think the film makes clear that the sporadic, violent catharses Brown has achieved in his job cannot alleviate the rage that finally threatens to consume him as the film closes; the film is to me more effective because of a lack of overt finale violence.

  • lewis_longshanks's rating of the film Rampart

    Rampart's noteworthy in only featuring Woody Harrelson, the film itself is a slog. Rampart's use of choppy editing, documentarian-like narrative and obnoxious characters make it difficult to watch more than once. There is a reason Rampart has become lost and forgotten: not because it is an indie production but more due to it not being as bold with it's concept and setting as it suggests. Watch Bad Lieutenant instead.

  • Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Rampart

    I'd shoot that many people too if I had Anne Heche and that chick from Sex & The City as my WIVES. And they're supposed to be sisters? Fuck. I'd kill everyone in LA.

  • Deiner's rating of the film Rampart

    Really disappointing as a whole. There's some questionable aesthetic choices for example. And even though this is supposed to be a character study, I can't help but feel indifferent since the other characters and Brown's personal relationships aren't fully developed to make an huge impact on the viewer. That being said, Harrelson is absolutely great here, and the main reason why I don't go with a lower rating.

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