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  1. Gilbert Aitken's rating of the film Ran

    One of the all time greats, I've seen this film over and over again, I have never tired of it!

  2. Gallus's rating of the film Ran

    3.5 - No better than Seven Samurai, Rashomon and other films Kurosawa has ever done in his lifetime, but still one of the great films of its time. Great acting, directing, costume and production design, a brilliant score, and great use of color and movement. However, sometimes the pacing kills the mood of the movie, and Throne of Blood is still his best Shakespeare adaptation.

  3. mis marg's rating of the film Ran

    Sound and Fury, still not a fan thereof, 4 stars for the horse trappings and the sad story of the fathers misjudgement and his subsequent denouement.

  4. Dean Simons's rating of the film Ran

  5. Mike's rating of the film Ran

    Being familiar with King Lear, I found the opening to be slightly sluggish, as there were no great deviations from the play, which takes its time to "set up" the rest of the story. This lent the impression that it might be a simple retelling. However, after the slow opening it really came into its own, and the final act is terrific. Visually stunning throughout and very well acted.

  6. Alethea's rating of the film Ran

    4.6 - Drinking game: Take a shot every time someone falls off a horse.

  7. Luke Shanahan's rating of the film Ran

    Kurosawa demonstrates Shakespeare's universality in this adaptation. Lear's structure and thematic concerns are maintained but the result is wholly unique and pure cinema. His use of colour and composition keeps the story coherent, subtitles aren't really necessary. Ran doesn't abandon its theatrical roots either. The expansive production design is tactile and blocking is an important tool in the conflict. Masterful.

  8. Steve's rating of the film Ran

    Loved King Lear as a teenager so really enjoyed this. Visually amazing, well acted and Lady Kaede, what a villain!

  9. F&A's rating of the film Ran

    The perfect visual experience! Every single frame is a beautiful painting! The symmetry, the colours, the music, the cinematographic "choreography", the lovely transitional shots; every little detail is perfect!

  10. David Pascoe's rating of the film Ran

    A masterpiece. It’s a great story anyway and Kurosawa & co don’t miss a beat. The gender reversals work well, but it’s the slow burn revenge plots that show just how inhumanity gets passed on in a seemingly unending cycle. We have progressed since then, but at times, only just. It’s a superb film, worth every good word written and spoken about it.

  11. JamieM's rating of the film Ran

    Every aspect of the presentation in 'Ran' is top notch, from the use of distinct colours for each faction to the electrifying shot compositions. The initial pacing is slow, but it pays off before long, thus revealing an epic of family, legacy, corruption of power and the futility of war. Another great Shakespeare adaptation from Kurosawa for sure.

  12. Alice Blackwood's rating of the film Ran

    The use of the natural landscape and orchestral music was atmospheric, and of course, the costumes were outrageous. I'm not sure the dialogue (in particular, that of the fool) captured the full genius of Shakespeare's original, but the Japanese setting was beautiful and fascinating. It certainly paints a bleak picture of human nature.

  13. ben's rating of the film Ran

    ★★★★½ An amazing film that is definitely one of the most epic and expansive films I've ever seen. It feels like you're there at times, and some of Kurosawa's shots are just so beautiful you could hand them on the wall. I see why everyone loves him now, I guess I should fast-track my watching of Seven Samurai now.

  14. John Service's rating of the film Ran

    An adaption of the Shakespearean tragedy King Lear, Akira Kurosawa's Ran is a cinematic masterpiece.. By mixing earthy, muted backdrops with the colourful costumes worn by the cast, Ran sets itself apart from Kurosawa's other notable samurai movies e.g. Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood etc. through its stunning colour palette. And with some fantastic dramatic performances by its cast, Ran is truly a must-see movie!!!

  15. michael's rating of the film Ran

    while kurosawa may have been close to blind, this horrifying story of humanity's lust for power and killing is so effective and powerful in its storytelling that if you were to only ever watch one film, i'd say it should be this one

  16. Marco B.'s rating of the film Ran

  17. Can Yildiz's rating of the film Ran

    It holds true to the theatricality of Kurosawa's direction as we have come to appreciate, and it makes a very welcome addition to this Shakespearian tale, loosely based on King Lear. Nothing feels out of place here, and it's epic-ness is truly something to behold.

  18. Spezialle_K's rating of the film Ran

    Just wow! The colour, the intensity, the music, the red stuff. Masterpiece. The battle scene at the third castle ranks as one of the all time best sequences in cinema for me. Chaotic indeed and jaw droppingingly good. X

  19. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Ran

    We're all alone in the end. Even the Gods have abandoned us, not least our children. It's startlingly beautiful to look at, choreographed with grace, and full of subtle beauty shrouded by intense scenes of bloodshed and political intrigue. A masterpiece. Lady Kaete is an evil genius.

  20. Mimic Hootings's rating of the film Ran

    A tinny, wearying exercise in facile despair, with none of Shakespeare's piercing cosmic vision. The characters are all cardboard, their actions ridiculous. Yes, the stylized battle scenes, with their choreographed colours, are impressive, but they don't amount to anything beyond empty, posturing pageantry. The philosophising is almost insultingly shallow.

  21. 悠 辻内's rating of the film Ran

    masterpiece. Foundation of Japanese Shakespeare storytelling.

  22. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Ran

  23. pete's rating of the film Ran

    Everything you'd expect

  24. Paco Oestreich Simoni's rating of the film Ran

    Incredible cinematography to actually feel like I was physically watching Sengoku-jidai Japan. The typical Shakespeare themes and plot-shell worked perfectly well for this kind of movie. Impeccable acting from the great lord. Outstanding.

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