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  1. Photo of Clara Khoury

    Clara Khoury Cast

  2. Photo of Khalifa Natour

    Khalifa Natour Cast

  3. Photo of Ismael Dabbag

    Ismael Dabbag Cast

  4. Photo of Walid Abed Elsalam

    Walid Abed Elsalam Cast

  5. Photo of Zuher Fahoum

    Zuher Fahoum Cast

  6. Photo of Bushra Karaman

    Bushra Karaman Cast

  7. Photo of Manal Awad

    Manal Awad Cast

  8. Photo of Houda Imam

    Houda Imam Cast

  9. Photo of Nasrin Buqai

    Nasrin Buqai Cast

  10. Photo of Georgina Asfour

    Georgina Asfour Cast

  11. Photo of Sami Metwasi

    Sami Metwasi Cast

  12. Photo of Hany Abu-Assad

    Hany Abu-Assad Director

  13. Photo of Liana Badr

    Liana Badr Screenplay

  14. Photo of Ihab Lamey

    Ihab Lamey Screenplay

  15. Photo of Bero Beyer

    Bero Beyer Producer

  16. Photo of George Ibrahim

    George Ibrahim Producer

  17. Photo of Bashar Abd Rabbou

    Bashar Abd Rabbou Music

  18. Photo of Mariecke van der Linden

    Mariecke van der Linden Music

  19. Photo of Brigit Hillenius

    Brigit Hillenius Cinematography

  20. Photo of Denise Janzee

    Denise Janzee Editing

  21. Photo of Peter Flamman

    Peter Flamman Sound

  22. Photo of Mark Wessner

    Mark Wessner Sound