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  1. Photo of Miguel M. Hidalgo

    Miguel M. Hidalgo Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Finnur Johansen

    Finnur Johansen Cast

  3. Photo of Elin K. Mouritsen

    Elin K. Mouritsen Cast

  4. Photo of Gudrid H. Nielsen

    Gudrid H. Nielsen Cast

  5. Photo of Jørleif Kúrberg

    Jørleif Kúrberg Cast

  6. Photo of Róland Samuelsen

    Róland Samuelsen Cast

  7. Photo of Mortan A. Carlsen

    Mortan A. Carlsen Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Maria Petersen

    Anna Maria Petersen Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Joensen

    Hans Joensen Cast

  10. Photo of Fraser Eysturoy

    Fraser Eysturoy Cast