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  1. Daniel Marval's rating of the film Rapado

    una pequeña joya, ácido y melancólica historia de nuestros tiempos. magnífica

  2. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Rapado

  3. Thomas's rating of the film Rapado

    Aimless and rambling but in a way which is of no real interest, the characters also being flat and one dimensional. I actually have great admiration for filmmakers who allow events to just play out but there is little substance to this and so it does not hold together.

  4. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Rapado

    The movie very dry style and anecdotal story are here to illustrate life's absurdity. It feels a bit conceptual and a bit of miss at being funny. It's shorter than the director's other films hence less boring.

  5. jsbrocka's rating of the film Rapado

    This cult debut film from Martín Rejtman is a refreshing modern twist on the premise of "Bicycle Thieves" from Vittorio De Sica. By replacing the father in desperate need of a bike with a directionless teenager, the director finds new depths to explore and creates an insightful statement on the Argentinian youth of the 90s with a style that is just the epitome of effortless cool.

  6. 2multo's rating of the film Rapado

    Eerily strange yet captivating. The human relationships robotic and surreal, scraped of all humanity. Fake money, video games, and motorcycles are enough. No passionate highs or depressive lows. Banal existence is life. No difference between strangers, friends, family, or self--it's all the same. Lucio (our protagonist) shaven as close cropped as his hair cut. Has time stopped? Who knows. He's lost his watch again.

  7. Adan Cv's rating of the film Rapado

  8. Ash Wednesday's rating of the film Rapado

    A completely revelatory experience in understanding how the little accidents of daily life can be transcribed in such a droll manner. An ultra observational social satire laced with an in depth commentary on the section of Buenos Aires the story sets itself in, Mr Rejtman, just as any brilliant artist, delivers on any timeless art's responsibility of narrating vital truths of the period in time of its provenance.

  9. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Rapado

    A bunch of eccentric characters are doing absolutely nothing; yet you can’t stop watching and laughing like mad. It’s an incredible, very intelligent comedy which is sad at the same time.

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Rapado

    Writer-director Martín Rejtman delivers a very laid-back film for viewers, but it's never dull or painful (although some will disagree). It's a shame that the characters aren't more interesting, however, but all of the actors do well enough in their roles.

  11. chris's rating of the film Rapado

  12. Vishal Panjwani's rating of the film Rapado

    Whilst the film does have a certain charm to it, it’s also a bit like watching paint dry at times

  13. sanqfroid's rating of the film Rapado

    I enjoyed the look, feel and pace of this film. It is episodic without feeling disjointed or hasty. The solitary street scenes evoked the mood and style of La Nouvelle Vague while the motorcyles, video games and fashion speak of a residual 80s aesthetic and philosophy. This is a film you can simply watch without deciphering, taking in the mundane absurdities and basking in the solitude of bored youth.

  14. Iulian's rating of the film Rapado

  15. tubbssw's rating of the film Rapado

    The pacing of the film is very suited to the listless characters and the laconic humour of the screenplay.

  16. fatiga ferca's rating of the film Rapado

    It's so difficult to get into this world if you don't know anything about argentinian cinematographic situation around 80s and also the social context when this film was made. Screamings, overgesticulation, characters constantly speaking and shaking their hands, the same old costumbrism (I don't know how to put it english) suddenly wipe off by this laconical, strangely humorous and even tender film. ESSENTIAL

  17. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Rapado

    [More like 3.5] It manages to take a snapshot of a generation and of a social environment.

  18. Gianni Romeo's rating of the film Rapado

    Edit: I gave it one star more because, after almost a month, it is still with me.

  19. ioana's rating of the film Rapado

    maybe I'm reading too much of "bicycle thieves" in it, by i did see as a kind of late capitalism spin-off. there's no horrifying poverty, but there's still a sort of erosion into apathy and aimlessness (the mother that works abroad and spends what seems as her entire holiday compulsively vacuuming). nothing really goes your way, even if in this anomic state everything should be up for grabs.

  20. desiree's rating of the film Rapado

    I am not sure why I loved this movie but it did remind me of my life in south america. Sometimes a movie about nothing, made with kind characters, is all one can ask.

  21. lou.'s rating of the film Rapado

    I am perplexed, sometimes it intrigued me, sometimes it bored me. It's a bit like the movie wasn't finished... and you keep going around without ever arriving. However, it is worth one watch.

  22. Malcolm Harris's rating of the film Rapado

    Makes me wish I'd had a cool older cousin to show this to me when I was a teen.

  23. Leo Troconis's rating of the film Rapado

    Argentine auteur Martin Rejtman commands the misadventures of Lucio, a rather shy teenager that finds himself in a very liberal Argentina, delivering a very bold debut film that bets on a minimalist approach on both dialogue and length. It may not be for anyone, but the film does provide the audience with a provocative and hypnotic atmosphere that projects the stages of grief, and it's as simple as it should be.

  24. Yang's rating of the film Rapado

    Aimlessness conveyed through the symbols of the motorbike and fake currency, the repetition of mundane spaces and scenes, and a deliberate dry tone. Lucio, and almost everyone else, is depicted in stasis, this lack of initiative and improvement conveyed through the completely deadpan acting. It's just that the film is almost too dry and the humour achieved too far and few between. 2.5

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