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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Rapture

    I can’t figure out why this film didn't get any award when it was theatrically released. A sublime mise-en-scène by John Guillermin, more famous for his action movies than for this drama taking place in Brittany near the Atlantic and a melancholic musical score by Georges Delerue. The four main actors are perfect with a special mention to the young Patricia Gozzi who was 14 years old then. Masterpiece.

  2. Carmen's rating of the film Rapture

    How far can imagination reach? To make intangible things as clear as words is one of the virtues of Rapture. The face of Patricia Gozzi invites you to her inner life. The desire for companionship is beautifully conveyed through the naive and wistful thinking of her character. This unknown film explores the possibilities of the medium with arresting images that won't leave you.

  3. Jason's rating of the film Rapture

    Truly one of the great resurrections of the home viewing era. Ah, glorious archeology! What a discovery! I had to watch it a couple times in order to properly assimilate what I had just experienced. And it improves, man. It grows. Formally and rhythmically alive like art ought to be. Agile. Welcome to black & white 'Scope heaven! Patricia Gozzi gives one of the finest performances by a teenager in all of cinema.

  4. Terri Wise's rating of the film Rapture

    I know not everyone will share this experience, but for me discovering this movie was like coming out of a fog and into the light, more alive than before. George Delerue's score is gorgeous, as is the setting, as are the performances. The film haunts me--in the best possible way. Highly recommended.

  5. Noiresque's rating of the film Rapture

    Patricia Gozzi looks like a young, feral Juliette Binoche, with all of her emotional intimacy. Dean Stockwell is young and beautiful and in his "James Dean" phase. The last 20 minutes fizzles compared to the intensity of what proceeded, but it is a minor flaw. Check this out if you can.