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  1. Photo of Olle Hellbom

    Olle Hellbom Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Astrid Lindgren

    Astrid Lindgren Screenplay

  3. Photo of Allan Edwall

    Allan Edwall Cast

  4. Photo of Erik Lindgren

    Erik Lindgren Cast

  5. Photo of Jarl Kulle

    Jarl Kulle Cast

  6. Photo of Håkan Serner

    Håkan Serner Cast

  7. Photo of Olof Bergström

    Olof Bergström Cast

  8. Photo of Rolf Larsson

    Rolf Larsson Cast

  9. Photo of Lena Brogren

    Lena Brogren Cast

  10. Photo of Tommy Johnson

    Tommy Johnson Cast

  11. Photo of Lars Amble

    Lars Amble Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Nyman

    Lena Nyman Cast

  13. Photo of Göran Graffman

    Göran Graffman Cast

  14. Photo of Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson

    Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson Cast

  15. Photo of Roland Hedlund

    Roland Hedlund Cast

  16. Photo of Emy Storm

    Emy Storm Cast

  17. Photo of Svea Holst

    Svea Holst Cast

  18. Photo of Lottie Ejebrant

    Lottie Ejebrant Cast

  19. Photo of Georg Adelly

    Georg Adelly Cast

  20. Photo of Bertil Norström

    Bertil Norström Cast

  21. Photo of Pål Steen

    Pål Steen Cast

  22. Photo of Fredrik Ljungdahl

    Fredrik Ljungdahl Cast

  23. Photo of Stefan Delvin

    Stefan Delvin Cast

  24. Photo of Eddie Axberg

    Eddie Axberg Cast

  25. Photo of Rune Ericson

    Rune Ericson Cinematography

  26. Photo of Björn Isfält

    Björn Isfält Music

  27. Photo of Gösta Linderholm

    Gösta Linderholm Music and Cast

  28. Photo of Tove Hellbom

    Tove Hellbom Production Design

  29. Photo of Lasse Westfelt

    Lasse Westfelt Production Design

  30. Photo of Susanne Linnman

    Susanne Linnman Editing