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Ratings & Reviews

  1. inquisita's rating of the film Rat-Trap

    Fear reeks of carrion, luring detritivores and scavengers to sneak in, plunder, take apart. If Aravindan's "Throne of Capricorn" outlines apodemia (home leaving to meet w/ worldviews and assess their corruption), Gopalakrishnan's "Rat-Trap" details epidemia - panicky coming back, maintaining family united by strict celibate quarantine. Eventually, what looked like safety becomes an oppressive invertebrating paranoia.

  2. apexa's rating of the film Rat-Trap

    A brilliant illustration of the disintegrating feudalist society of Southern India that I think beautifully and subtly manages to create a devastating story that crescendos with its finale. The beginning and ending parallel is really just breathtaking.

  3. Rahul's rating of the film Rat-Trap

    superb movie,story about how one person traps himself in a situation from from which he cant get out due to his immaturity,there is a scene in which landowner makes fun of low level job a guy is doing in foreign place,thats scene alone shows what he is and then not allowing his sister to marry,insisting on hot water etc etc ,also a doc i watched in which adoor explaied color scheme of the movie,true master