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  1. Photo of Thomas Hellberg

    Thomas Hellberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erik Eriksson

    Erik Eriksson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Alvérus

    Peter Alvérus Cast

  4. Photo of Kent Andersson

    Kent Andersson Cast

  5. Photo of Mia Benson

    Mia Benson Cast

  6. Photo of Helena Bergström

    Helena Bergström Cast

  7. Photo of Göran Boberg

    Göran Boberg Cast

  8. Photo of Ewa Carlsson

    Ewa Carlsson Cast

  9. Photo of Anita Ekström

    Anita Ekström Cast

  10. Photo of Stig Engström

    Stig Engström Cast

  11. Photo of Peder Falk

    Peder Falk Cast

  12. Photo of Ulrika Hansson

    Ulrika Hansson Cast

  13. Photo of Björn Kjellman

    Björn Kjellman Cast

  14. Photo of Dan Lindhe

    Dan Lindhe Cast

  15. Photo of Lena Nilsson

    Lena Nilsson Cast

  16. Photo of Fredrik Ohlsson

    Fredrik Ohlsson Cast

  17. Photo of Lasse Petterson

    Lasse Petterson Cast

  18. Photo of Evabritt Strandberg

    Evabritt Strandberg Cast

  19. Photo of Johan Söderberg

    Johan Söderberg Cast

  20. Photo of Torsten Wahlund

    Torsten Wahlund Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Mokrosinski

    Peter Mokrosinski Cinematography

  22. Photo of Nils Landgren

    Nils Landgren Music

  23. Photo of Bengt-Arne Wallin

    Bengt-Arne Wallin Music

  24. Photo of Anders Barréus

    Anders Barréus Production Design

  25. Photo of Anders Birkeland

    Anders Birkeland Producer

  26. Photo of Thomas Holéwa

    Thomas Holéwa Editing

  27. Photo of Stefan Ljungberg

    Stefan Ljungberg Sound

  28. Photo of Per Nyström

    Per Nyström Sound

  29. Photo of Bo Persson

    Bo Persson Sound

  30. Photo of Lasse Ulander

    Lasse Ulander Sound

  31. Photo of Filippa Wallström

    Filippa Wallström Costume Design

  32. Photo of Lenamari Wallström

    Lenamari Wallström Costume Design