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  1. mpho3's rating of the film Raw Deal

    "[Raw Deal] was based on a script called Corkscrew Alley in which a Texan named Tex Lester, escapes a chain gang, busts his girl free from the reformatory, and becomes a “Santa Claus bandit,” committing crimes dressed as the jolly elf.... Had the original script been shot as written, it would now be considered a cult classic, instead of the vaguely respectable genre exercise it became." - 3.5 stars

  2. Jessica's rating of the film Raw Deal

    The story line of the film is very entertaining. Every time there was a road block in their plan they had to think fast and come up with something else to get them out of the situation. The cinematography and performances from the actors was incredible an really made the film outstanding. The music in the background was also a nice touch and matched the mood of each scene.

  3. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Raw Deal

    This is a really fun film to watch. Sure it is hammy and sexist (as per usual 40s/50s era), but the characters are distinct and Raymond Burr playing the heavy. Burr is so young, I thought he was Cary Grant at first. Are there any other films where he plays the antagonist? He is pretty good at that.

  4. Dmitry Samarov's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Fun noir which doesn't make much sense. Two very different women fight over a completely worthless con on the lam. Makes it seem like any blundering goon could be a criminal mastermind back in the 40s.

  5. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Raw Deal

    More of the real deal with this nuts and bolts film noir.

  6. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Dang! Just how bright is that full moon on a Crescent City midnight? It was like the sun had gone supernova! Other than that, this is a superb film noir (except for that film blanc scene). Good drama, conflict, characters, and a narration that actually adds tension and mood instead of being an unintended parody of the genre.

  7. Ghostman's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Lean and mean, Raw Deal is a classic noir film and is as hard-boiled as they come. Anthony Mann is an under-appreciated filmmaker and the film, as many others have said, is beautifully shot by John Alton. True noir cinema here.

  8. Honeychurch's rating of the film Raw Deal

    B-noir?? Definitely an A. Loved the tension in the climatic scene on the boat for Panama. The shadows and the clock.

  9. SpacePirate's rating of the film Raw Deal

    What a visual treat! The cinematography is some of the best youll find in a B movie of the era, and Mann conjures elements he would use often in his successful westerns. Burr is great as the sadistic heavy, and O'Keefe and Trevor shine in roles that highlight what they could do very well. Possibly Trevor's best role outside of Key Largo. Thanks MUBI for turning me onto this film I had stupidly overlooked. 4 stars

  10. Erik F.'s rating of the film Raw Deal

    After this and "Key Largo", I want to see more Claire Trevor movies!

  11. ShawnD's rating of the film Raw Deal

    How great is this? It flies by at 75 minutes, with a plot that starts in fourth gear and moves to fifth in the first act and more turns than Pacific Coast Highway. The dialogue is snappy if often silly and the noirish lighting is straight out of the user's guide. Raw Deal isn't earth-shattering but it doesn't pretend to be.

  12. Loz Loory's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Excellent use of the cigarette lighter motif throughout the film. Rick is introduced as a sadist when he holds a lighter to his underling's ear. Joe distracts the owner of the wagon by asking for a light. Rick lights his candelabra and the ensuing fire brings the climax of the film. The fire echoes Joe's heroism in his youth. At Oscar's, the lack of cigarettes shows Pat's inability to stop Joe from being with Ann.

  13. Brian's rating of the film Raw Deal

    This is considered a B-rated film, but I would consider it being called a classic. This suspenseful movie made in 1948 will keep viewers intrigued throughout. I would recommend this film to people who enjoy crime and classical film style. This film is well made the fact that the crime plot is realistic, and could be a real life crime. The director does a keen job of keeping the classical style and realistic style.

  14. Greg's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Wow! Murder,escape, kidnapping, romance and betrayal. Once again a stunning example of nior film. This film directed by Anthony Mann truly embodies the spirit of nior, following a 1940s Bonnie and Clyde plus a third wheel who falls in love madly in love with our escaped con.

  15. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Very gripping and gritty film noir. Great lighting, framing and cool camerawork. Very well done. Led by Dennis O'Keefe the acting here is top notch for the Noir era. There is a haunting voiceover as well that adds almost a supernatural element to the proceedings. Neat effect really. Didn't expect that. A couple of plot holes that made me bump this down a bit, but still it's a strong entry into this genre. Fun stuff.

  16. Aardsy's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Meanwhile, I can't get ONE date.

  17. FISCHER's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Un somptueux chef-d'oeuvre du film noir américain, doté d'une magnifique photo en noir et blanc et de quelques plans inoubliables .....

  18. Lex Lucas's rating of the film Raw Deal

  19. Cătălin, HiperCristalin's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Cel mai prost film noir; nu merită să contribuie cu scene nici la un clip fan-made pentru o piesă de Vlad Dobrescu. Noi să fim sănătoș.

  20. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Looks like Perry Mason lost this case. After seeing her reaction to the killing maybe Marsha Hunt was "Born to Kill" also.

  21. bulgrin's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Although the story is a bit flat, this is another great Noir in respect of style and atmosphere, and acting too. Not to be missed

  22. L'immoralistee's rating of the film Raw Deal

  23. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Raw Deal

    ★★★★★ love triangles won't get more noirish than this.

  24. animalcalls's rating of the film Raw Deal

    Beautifully, poetically shot--and also maybe the most categorically stupid and tone-deaf noir to ever exist.

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