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  1. Photo of Pál Fejös

    Pál Fejös Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergio Otzoup

    Sergio Otzoup Producer

  3. Photo of Adolf Lantz

    Adolf Lantz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Adolf Schlasy

    Adolf Schlasy Cinematography

  5. Photo of Adolf Weith

    Adolf Weith Cinematography

  6. Photo of Annabella

    Annabella Cast

  7. Photo of Gustav Fröhlich

    Gustav Fröhlich Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Otto

    Paul Otto Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Marr

    Hans Marr Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Brandt

    Walter Brandt Cast

  11. Photo of Karl Forest

    Karl Forest Cast

  12. Photo of Jaro Fürth

    Jaro Fürth Cast

  13. Photo of Norbert Rohringer

    Norbert Rohringer Cast

  14. Photo of Annie Rosar

    Annie Rosar Cast

  15. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  16. Photo of Wilhelm Schich

    Wilhelm Schich Cast

  17. Photo of Irene Seidner

    Irene Seidner Cast

  18. Photo of Lothar Wolff

    Lothar Wolff Editing

  19. Photo of Heinz Fenchel

    Heinz Fenchel Production Design

  20. Photo of Emil Stepanek

    Emil Stepanek Production Design

  21. Photo of Ferenc Farkas

    Ferenc Farkas Music

  22. Photo of Levine

    Levine Music

  23. Photo of Sándor Szlatinay

    Sándor Szlatinay Music

  24. Photo of Alfred Norkus

    Alfred Norkus Sound