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  1. Photo of Werner Klingler

    Werner Klingler Director

  2. Photo of Harald G. Petersson

    Harald G. Petersson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Werner Eisbrenner

    Werner Eisbrenner Music

  4. Photo of Friedl Behn-Grund

    Friedl Behn-Grund Cinematography

  5. Photo of Eugen Klagemann

    Eugen Klagemann Cinematography

  6. Photo of Gunther Stapenhorst

    Gunther Stapenhorst Editing

  7. Photo of Otto Hunte

    Otto Hunte Production Design

  8. Photo of Bruno Monden

    Bruno Monden Production Design

  9. Photo of A. Jansen

    A. Jansen Sound

  10. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  11. Photo of Elly Burgmer

    Elly Burgmer Cast

  12. Photo of Agathe Poschmann

    Agathe Poschmann Cast

  13. Photo of Friedhelm von Petersson

    Friedhelm von Petersson Cast

  14. Photo of Nina Konsta

    Nina Konsta Cast

  15. Photo of Claus Holm

    Claus Holm Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  17. Photo of Heinz Welzel

    Heinz Welzel Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Frank

    Harry Frank Cast

  19. Photo of Arno Paulsen

    Arno Paulsen Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Gross

    Walter Gross Cast

  21. Photo of Undine von Medvey

    Undine von Medvey Cast

  22. Photo of Martha Hubner

    Martha Hubner Cast

  23. Photo of Otto Matthies

    Otto Matthies Cast

  24. Photo of Erwin Biegel

    Erwin Biegel Cast

  25. Photo of Jean Brahn

    Jean Brahn Cast