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  1. Photo of Keith Truesdell

    Keith Truesdell Director

  2. Photo of Hal Grant

    Hal Grant Director

  3. Photo of Paul Casey

    Paul Casey Director

  4. Photo of Kelly D. Hommon

    Kelly D. Hommon Director

  5. Photo of Scott Carter

    Scott Carter Screenplay

  6. Photo of Billy Martin

    Billy Martin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Danny Vermont

    Danny Vermont Screenplay

  8. Photo of Brian Jacobsmeyer

    Brian Jacobsmeyer Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jay Jaroch

    Jay Jaroch Screenplay

  10. Photo of Bill Maher

    Bill Maher Cast and Screenplay

  11. Photo of Gloria Steinem

    Gloria Steinem Cast

  12. Photo of Arianna Huffington

    Arianna Huffington Cast

  13. Photo of Cornel West

    Cornel West Cast

  14. Photo of Andrew Sullivan

    Andrew Sullivan Cast

  15. Photo of D.L. Hughley

    D.L. Hughley Cast

  16. Photo of Salman Rushdie

    Salman Rushdie Cast

  17. Photo of P.J. O'Rourke

    P.J. O'Rourke Cast

  18. Photo of Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders Cast

  19. Photo of Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman Cast

  20. Photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Cast

  21. Photo of Richard Dawkins

    Richard Dawkins Cast

  22. Photo of Christopher Hitchens

    Christopher Hitchens Cast

  23. Photo of Fareed Zakaria

    Fareed Zakaria Cast

  24. Photo of John Waters

    John Waters Cast

  25. Photo of Reza Aslan

    Reza Aslan Cast

  26. Photo of Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth Warren Cast

  27. Photo of Rachel Maddow

    Rachel Maddow Cast

  28. Photo of Van Jones

    Van Jones Cast

  29. Photo of Joy-Ann Reid

    Joy-Ann Reid Cast