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  1. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Reality

    Bitersweet, not fun. Must rewatch!

  2. Spook's rating of the film Reality

    Plenty of good things have already been written about this film, but let me just mention that I think that the actors are absolutely brilliant.

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film Reality

    Completely failed to pull me in. Without being offensive, and with some good scenes, I failed to get the structure of this piece (but it was not seen in ideal conditions)

  4. Pierre.F's rating of the film Reality

    C'est avant tout une grande habileté dans le récit qui emporte ce film. En quelques plans séquences et plans larges, on aperçoit tout de suite la folie, l'obsession qui caractérise le personnage : la caméra en gros-plan sur le visage de Luciano suggère toute l'intensité du jeu de regard dans lequel est pris ce personnage qui est moins épié que voyeur obsédé et souvent bouffon.

  5. fearraigh's rating of the film Reality

    Though it doesn't really having anything new to say about reality TV, there is much to marvel at in this wonderfully garish picaresque, which inevitably recalls Fellini, but also Ugo Tognazzi and Pasolini. Best of all is Aniello Arena, as Luciano. Blessed with a face that is a landscape in itself, Arena resembles a beefcake Marty Feldman, a bundle of gregarious energy and corrosive self-doubt.

  6. Schellenberg's rating of the film Reality

    Garrone exquisitely paints a picture of life in southern Italy with the large family gatherings and the nonna preparing meals, before bringing it all crashing to the ground as the modern equivalent of the town circus, shopping mall auditions for Big Brother, sweep through town. As Luciano is caught up in the dream of stardom he loses sight of his family and himself.

  7. ap's rating of the film Reality

  8. Balthaz21's rating of the film Reality

  9. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Reality

  10. /katia's rating of the film Reality

  11. emanuela's rating of the film Reality

    the grande fratello vip terrific!

  12. Absentia's rating of the film Reality

  13. Joyce Hueting's rating of the film Reality

    Il film è ben fatto, ma mi ha dato così tanta tristezza che non riuscirei a riguardarlo.

  14. J0NS's rating of the film Reality

  15. zencause's rating of the film Reality

    Goarrone has established himself as one hell of a story teller.

  16. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Reality

    Wonderfully sad & true... with the first part perhaps alluding to the inherent nature in humans to create illusionary environments to reflect the hope of something bigger and better to come.

  17. T Mills's rating of the film Reality

    Whether this satire completely works or says anything new became irrelevant to my reaction of the film as I focused more and more on the central performance. Aniello Arena is terrific in this and he sells the paranoia. If Gomorrah (which I feel is a lesser film) was compared to Scorsese's mob work, this film is Garrone's King of Comedy.

  18. David R Williams's rating of the film Reality

    A fish seller's (with a sideline in fraudulently obtained pasta making robots) obsession with appearing on the Italian version of "Big Brother" spirals into despair and madness. Actually a lot more humorous than that makes it sound - still don't expect a happy ending though it does end with laughter. A dark look at the public's own obsession with reality television and grabbing our own 15 seconds of fame.

  19. Kirby Ferguson's rating of the film Reality

    A good film and nicely crafted, but as satire it doesn't offer any real insight.

  20. Vacantgarde's rating of the film Reality

    good movie. I like when the characters remind me of real people I've met but take things a few steps further, so you reflect later & are reminded rather than instantly forget. Does not grate the nerves or sensibilities. Good bodies on screen to look at. Good ideas, good flow.

  21. sark's rating of the film Reality

    After having seen Gommorah, I was pleasantly surprised by this film. What stands out for me is the overall whimsical, magical mood of the film combined with outstanding acting by leading man--reminded me of Life is Beautiful actor (bad w/ names). Delivers an effective message: hyper-capitalism run amok with a culture that has lost its traditional bearings. The end: a madman laughing in Heaven?

  22. Dallas Swindell's rating of the film Reality

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, his one way mirror transmogrifies and absolves. Keep your knees ever ready, for alms and fervor pave golden roads. Reality is a beautifully shot and painstakingly paced portrait into Luciano's faith to delusion. What is ever out of reach, is forever his for the taking, and Arena creates a fraught dream for the camera as Luciano. An epic portrait of delusional grandeur.

  23. Armando's rating of the film Reality

    A dream-like ending, one of the most beautiful closure I have ever seen on screen.

  24. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Reality

    While somewhere Bunuel is smiling, elsewhere Fellini is giving a wink and a nod.

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