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  1. Photo of Hellmuth Costard

    Hellmuth Costard Director, Editing, Producer, Cinematography & 1 more
    Hellmuth Costard Director, Editing, Producer, Cinematography, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jürgen Ebert

    Jürgen Ebert Screenplay, Editing, Producer, Sound & 1 more
    Jürgen Ebert Screenplay, Editing, Producer, Sound, Director

  3. Photo of Martin Manz

    Martin Manz Screenplay and Cinematography

  4. Photo of Carla Leftwich

    Carla Leftwich Screenplay

  5. Photo of Adolf Hornung

    Adolf Hornung Cast

  6. Photo of Reiner Weber

    Reiner Weber Cast

  7. Photo of Erwin Quednau

    Erwin Quednau Cast

  8. Photo of Manfred Hübschmann

    Manfred Hübschmann Cast

  9. Photo of Ernst Weihreter

    Ernst Weihreter Cast

  10. Photo of Ernesto Adam

    Ernesto Adam Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Rainer Kraft

    Hans Rainer Kraft Cast

  12. Photo of Leo M. DeMaeyer

    Leo M. DeMaeyer Cast

  13. Photo of Freiherr von Adelsheim

    Freiherr von Adelsheim Cast

  14. Photo of Thomas Schwan

    Thomas Schwan Cinematography

  15. Photo of Carolyn Swartz

    Carolyn Swartz Cinematography

  16. Photo of Joachim von Vietinghoff

    Joachim von Vietinghoff Producer

  17. Photo of Sigrid Halversleben-Gaul

    Sigrid Halversleben-Gaul Editing

  18. Photo of Egon Bunne

    Egon Bunne Sound

  19. Photo of Merlyn Ecer

    Merlyn Ecer Sound

  20. Photo of Klaus Feudigmann

    Klaus Feudigmann Sound

  21. Photo of Jörg Priesner

    Jörg Priesner Sound

  22. Photo of Sibylle Hofter

    Sibylle Hofter Animation

  23. Photo of Raimund Krumme

    Raimund Krumme Animation