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  1. Photo of Héctor Olivera

    Héctor Olivera Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Osvaldo Bayer

    Osvaldo Bayer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pedro Aleandro

    Pedro Aleandro Cast

  4. Photo of Héctor Alterio

    Héctor Alterio Cast

  5. Photo of Luis Brandoni

    Luis Brandoni Cast

  6. Photo of Franklin Caicedo

    Franklin Caicedo Cast

  7. Photo of Horacio Dener

    Horacio Dener Cast

  8. Photo of Coco Fossati

    Coco Fossati Cast

  9. Photo of José María Gutiérrez

    José María Gutiérrez Cast

  10. Photo of Fernando Iglesias 'Tacholas'

    Fernando Iglesias 'Tacholas' Cast

  11. Photo of Alfredo Iglesias

    Alfredo Iglesias Cast

  12. Photo of Maurice Jouvet

    Maurice Jouvet Cast

  13. Photo of Nestor Kirchner

    Nestor Kirchner Cast

  14. Photo of Carlos Lasarte

    Carlos Lasarte Cast

  15. Photo of Claudio Lucero

    Claudio Lucero Cast

  16. Photo of Federico Luppi

    Federico Luppi Cast

  17. Photo of Carlos Munoz

    Carlos Munoz Cast

  18. Photo of Eduardo Muñoz

    Eduardo Muñoz Cast

  19. Photo of Ernesto Nogués

    Ernesto Nogués Cast

  20. Photo of Héctor Pellegrini

    Héctor Pellegrini Cast

  21. Photo of Jorge Rivera López

    Jorge Rivera López Cast

  22. Photo of Walter Santa Ana

    Walter Santa Ana Cast

  23. Photo of José Soriano

    José Soriano Cast

  24. Photo of Walter Soubrie

    Walter Soubrie Cast

  25. Photo of Alfredo Suarez

    Alfredo Suarez Cast

  26. Photo of Osvaldo Terranova

    Osvaldo Terranova Cast

  27. Photo of Jorge Villalba

    Jorge Villalba Cast

  28. Photo of Victor Hugo Caula

    Victor Hugo Caula Cinematography

  29. Photo of Óscar Cardozo Ocampo

    Óscar Cardozo Ocampo Music

  30. Photo of María Julia Bertotto

    María Julia Bertotto Production Design

  31. Photo of Óscar Piruzanto

    Óscar Piruzanto Production Design

  32. Photo of Fernando Ayala

    Fernando Ayala Producer and Screenplay

  33. Photo of Oscar Montauti

    Oscar Montauti Editing