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Ratings & Reviews

  1. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Rebirth

    My friends were floored by this and ate all my chocolate candy supplies :( I guess that is the default reaction of anybody who discovers for the first time that Japanese cinema is so much more than Takashi Miike, samurai, and ghost stories. It's good, but it felt too much like a Dardenne bros flick for me to take it seriously as a piece of art. I prefer to get my dose of vicarious life struggle from BBC Two specials.

  2. atartinia's rating of the film Rebirth

    Rebirth is certainly a very complex film that raises all sorts of uncomfortable moral questions from the nature of motherhood to the treatment of the women of society, yet is a well-crafted and honest narrative that doesn’t provide any simple solutions to the dilemmas these characters face.