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  1. Diego Ruscitto's rating of the film [REC] 2

  2. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film [REC] 2

    The strength of the first was it's mystery. That's what builds horror. Trying to comprehend something you don't understand is terrifying. Trying to tack on a full on explanation with actors overacting with illogical anger from what they're being told tends to suck out the tension. Some good ideas that would have worked great in a video game but leaves you questioning why just one person works the night vision camera!

  3. João R.'s rating of the film [REC] 2

    Its focus shifts from creating strain and a spooky aspect (that was very noticeable in the first installment) to explaining the origin of the virus (which, while it could have helped the storyline, by mixing a lot of elements it completely ruins the mood) and, by doing so, it bites its own tail. Not scary elements and, even tough it stretches the story, it fells lazy.

  4. Balthaz21's rating of the film [REC] 2

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film [REC] 2

    41/100 (Mubi kullanıcılarına güvenimi en çok sarsan film oldu maalesef. Korku Seansı 2 gibi korku klasında muhteşem bir filmin ortalaması 2,9 iken bu filmin 3,0 olması bence büyük bir rezillik)

  6. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film [REC] 2

  7. Lena Lopes's rating of the film [REC] 2

  8. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film [REC] 2

    4 - More monsters, more twists, more (worse) characters, more perspectives and an idiotic supernatural element that ruins the original's ending and (together with other questionable decisions) creates a litany of problems concerning the film's internal logic. By adding so many extraneous ingredients to the original's formula, the directing duo managed to dilute and obscure what made the first film so enjoyable.

  9. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Still scary but seems like pretty much the same (3.0/5)

  10. Dada Kubin's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Rec2 builds upon the story of the first film but unfortunately the main idea seems to have been "choose at least three genre cliches and put them together". So you end up with zombies + catholic mysticism + viruses/chemistry (and a hell of a lot of shouting) and it's just way too stupid to work. There is some interesting storytelling with the cameras and that's what they should've concentrated on.

  11. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Enjoyable sequel. It gets a little bit messed up with the crazy teen gang, but it could have been way worse.

  12. MAO1's rating of the film [REC] 2

  13. Wasunan T's rating of the film [REC] 2

  14. Chris's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Liked this one a lot. In many ways, it feels like a companion piece to Lamberto Bava's Demons. It's like this is a chronicle of what is happening outside of the movie theater. Also, this by far the best Resident Evil movie ever made, and I love the sort of FPS aspect of the filmmaking. At times it feels like a perfect synthesis of video game aesthetics and horror movie tropes. Not great, but a really solid flick.

  15. Marianne's rating of the film [REC] 2

    En mi opinión es una pésima continuación. Le quitaron el misterio que había detrás de la infección, y al meterle asuntos religiosos, desvanecieron el respeto que le tenía.

  16. The Shadows and Silence's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Not as engaging as the original but a strong effort from Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza with a compelling storyline, plenty of impressive gore special effects and a nice twist to segue into the third installment which will hopefully avoid the pitfalls that all to often befall those who jump onto the franchise express.

  17. Lucas Davies's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Would have been better without those goddamn kids. Completely pointless and annoying additions that contribute nothing to the plot.

  18. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film [REC] 2

    An astonishing piece of filmmaking. Again, like the original, it's dealing with the nature of 'the image' and the need to record. That is, 'cinema as spectacle', casting the audience as a genuine (if passive, by necessity) participant, allowing us to see everything as the characters might see it. Formally daring and more audacious than any festival bait; the approach falls somewhere between Russian Ark and Redacted.

  19. Beefy's rating of the film [REC] 2

    As a direct sequel it works, plus it opens the narrative up even more with an unexpected explanation of the ghastly goings-on. What it doesn't have much of, sadly, is scares.

  20. Mr.Wolf's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Omg I wanted to kill my self, really it just loses it all, bye bye! Adios! come on the whole story just goes out the window, all of a sudden, theres more to the attic and your in "mission impossible" merged with "28 days later", then "the exorcist" with the unholy blood, then of course magic doors and objects a hint of "Shutter". Fuck me! Disapointing completly, should have stuck with the first movie...crap in a reel

  21. The Macho King's rating of the film [REC] 2

    This is such a shitty ass sequel. It does have some scary moments in it but the films story/structural edIting/and flat out outlandish-ness just ruins it 4me.It's mere existence taints the original and the American remake.

  22. theladyassassin's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Same as the first but with a better ending. Yes, the first was amazing but the sequel is rather redundant.

  23. mpho3's rating of the film [REC] 2

    If Rec is a beautiful sweater, Rec 2 takes a thread from a snag in that garb and makes a complimentary pair of pants. Though I liked Rec more, together they make a great outfit. Despite some mid-film tedium, the last 15 minutes is brilliant. I'm not a horror aficionado, but these films are too cleverly made not to appreciate. 3 1/2 stars

  24. HKFanatic's rating of the film [REC] 2

    Everything that the first [REC] did so well, this film fails at. We've got tough, cussin, heavily-armed SWAT guys who turn into screaming wimps at the sight of a rabid grandma.Teenage kids who decide to break into a medically quarantined building because it somehow represents their chance at a better life. And an ending that not only retroactively ruins the ending of the first but is just plain revolting to boot.

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