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  1. Enrico Benarivo's rating of the film Red

  2. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film Red

  3. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Red

    [J. Brew Recommendations: Day 6/7] So Brucie Bruce Willy plays a cut-and-paste super-assassin with a semi-rapey attraction for a younger girl who he talks to on the phone for some reason; and then Richard Dreyfuss makes the Vice President wanna use the CIA to kill him because he messed up some mission in Central America or whatever I've bored myself just typing this make the bad thoughts stop please God why.

  4. Arrietty's rating of the film Red

    just funny, light watch. nothing special

  5. bibsakatris's rating of the film Red

    so bad i don't even remember the story anymore lol

  6. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Red

    I had no fun watching this'fun movie'. Nothing makes sense and it's got no style whatsoever.

  7. runfromfire's rating of the film Red

    I dug it. It's kinda like Hopscotch and The Expendables fooled around in the backseat of an AMC Javelin and then left the baby in a Stuckey's.

  8. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Red

    If the esteemed geezers of "RED," or "Retired and Extremely Dangerous" (fuck) tried as hard as the balls screenplay populated with stock-characters, supposedly jettisoned from the same hell "Battleship" was, maybe it'd rise to the level of mediocre. Alas, everyone is lazily typecast in lazily-written roles. Exposition to Freeman. Glowering to Mirren. Smug asshole to Willis. And it's so fucking pleased with itself!

  9. pluviosity's rating of the film Red

    Looked like Mary Louise-Parker failed to awake from her dream of state in Angels in America . Well, it's just another case of old-good-actors-need-to-pay-their-mortgages-too.

  10. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Red

  11. Star Lord's rating of the film Red

    Buon film e Jon Malkovich è spettacolare.

  12. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Red

    russian fella was so dang charming.

  13. Thomas's rating of the film Red

  14. Beatriz Maia's rating of the film Red

    i didn't even know the name of the movie wow

  15. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Red

  16. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Red

    Very light and humorous. I really liked how they mixed the comedy bits with the action.

  17. Ian Fitzgerald's rating of the film Red

    helen mirren with a machine gun? no wonder it got a sequel

  18. marupies's rating of the film Red

    It needed more scenes of John Malkovich running around hugging a pig.

  19. Mike Archibald's rating of the film Red

    Hollywood, you're shooting yourself in the foot: applying this much facetious cynicism to tried and true genre material is just gonna hurt you down the road when you need audiences to take it seriously again. This flick like the Coen Brothers merging with Michael Bay. Gross.

  20. msbluesky's rating of the film Red

    With such a stellar cast, the film itself is so disappointing. Nothing memorable here.

  21. Arctvrvs's rating of the film Red

    legitimately fun and pretty well edited

  22. Henrique Verkündigung's rating of the film Red

    10% funny / 90% stupid and equal to many other films.

  23. ophelia woolf's rating of the film Red

    very funny. but not much more...

  24. Ghost Dinosaur's rating of the film Red

    romanticized sociopathy forced into an awkward, endless dance of tip-toeing, ducking and contorting in an attempt to keep four psychotic, remorseless murderers (and their stockholmed fangirl) likable and sympathetic. doesn't work -- these characters are heartless douchebags and no amount of star power or hollywood kookiness can dress it up.

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