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Ratings & Reviews

  1. jamshid's rating of the film Red Dust

    A tempting love triangle takes place in an exotic enviroment and empowered by a great cast. the contrast between vulgar Jean Harlow and sophisticated Mary Astor fuels the movie.

  2. Log Lady's rating of the film Red Dust

    I've never quite grasped Gable's nor Harlow's popularity, but when they sizzle together at a humid plantation, with him in a stubble and rolled up sleeves and her parading around in a night gown ready to fall any moment off her shoulders... Wowza! The barrel scene is pretty hilarious and Harlow is quite simply a delightful gal here.

  3. thebpicture's rating of the film Red Dust

    I would have given this more if it was more about Denny and Valentine! I liked the good girl/bad girl/whore/madonna dichotomy going on here, will mark it to take this up on further research on the topic. Overall, a very enjoyable film Jean was amusing in this one.

  4. SpacePirate's rating of the film Red Dust

    Not the biggest Harlow fan, but she actually is quite good here, in what may be her finest role. Gable is Gable. Holds up much better than the remake, which took a lot of the teeth out of the story/subject matter, but for whatever reason is harder to catch on TV. Solid 4 stars. A pre code classic

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Red Dust

    Would you trade Jean Harlow for Ava Gardner and Mary Astor for Grace Kelly? Hard choice! Not for Clark Gable who plays the leading part in Red Dust and in Mogambo, Red Dust's remake, shot 21 years later. If you're a movie lover, Red Dust should already be in your library. Masterpiece.

  6. groaningbitch's rating of the film Red Dust

    Red Dust is ideal embodiment of man's whore/madonna complex. The formula is simple: go fool around with the mighty inaccessible Anglophilic upper class then return to your own class with a sultry blonde bombshell. In this way, both your ego and your libido are relentlessly satisfied. (Gee I surely envy him. )

  7. MarcH's rating of the film Red Dust

    Gable: "Whadda ya think yur doing?" Harlow: "Oh, I dunno, I'm goin over Niagra Falls in a barrel." Lord almighty, Jean Harlow is hilarious in this.

  8. danhofstra's rating of the film Red Dust

    kind of sad that I had to see this on a VHS copy older than me, but I can see why MGM (although I'd assume that Warner has it now) would never want this to see the light of day again. I love Harlow's insistence on never wearing anything more than a night gown and Gable constantly telling her not to walk around half-naked and wear clothes!

  9. James's rating of the film Red Dust

    Could this be one of the most politically incorrect movies ever made?