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  1. Palmat's rating of the film Red Hill

    Enjoyable and entertaining noir/western thriller. It might not win any awards for originality but it still works well and keeps things engaging throughout. I thought that Kwanten did a good job as Cooper and support cast was decent.

  2. Ale/M's rating of the film Red Hill

  3. MARK IS SUSPENDED IN GAFFA's rating of the film Red Hill

    I'm surprised by the negative responses to this film, particularly one rag that called it the worst film of its year. Even worse, several Australians are down on it. Well, this is actually a most fine film, with shades of "High Plains Drifter", a small town modern western that maintains intrigue and delivers the big moments. In short, a promising debut from Patrick Hughes. Filmed in my home state, Victoria.

  4. J. O.'s rating of the film Red Hill

    As an homage to westerns, this Aussie thriller doesn't stray too far from convention - it boasts a predictable revenge story and the most painfully moronic townsfolk. That being said, it is shot quite beautifully at times and the small town setting was perfect. It successfully paid its respect to the western genre while throwing in quite a bit of carnage. All in all, an entertaining little film.

  5. Christopher Taylor's rating of the film Red Hill

    A solid story and execution, the movie only suffers from a weak protagonist that is balanced out by an ineresting "antogonist". Not without flaws, it is still a decent ride with gunplay and suspense.

  6. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Red Hill

    Australia's own no country for old men,a few plot holes but a very fine film with a good strong ending i think superior to 'country' but they dont need to be compared,superb movie

  7. SALESK's rating of the film Red Hill

    Visually stylish but tries too hard to deliver blunt exploitation violence and emotional sincerity, thereby falling short in both. Treads very heavily in hillbilly stereotypes while giving us a mute, avenging aboriginal counteractively comes off as the most racist portrait in the film. Hackneyed symbolism aside, it's a nifty little B western--just don't take it as serious as it takes itself.

  8. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Red Hill

    pretty darn good Australian western which delivers a fine punch and keeps you on your toes. Steve Bisley is brill in this btw

  9. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Red Hill

    It was too unbelievable and had some cheesy moments, but on the bright side, it's VERY well lit and shot and I liked some of the scoring too. Oh and the lead is a hottie. So it wasn't all bad.

  10. Liam Peters's rating of the film Red Hill

    Tonally interesting and featuring a very good Ryan Kwanten, this confused Australian genre pic falls short in the end due to its predictable storyline and willingness to go the urban legend route without much thought for authenticity. The racial debate is one that should be investigated in Australian cinema more so it is interesting that Hughes has done it in this way but it doesn't quite work for all its efforts.

  11. Geir Friestad's rating of the film Red Hill

    A fine, straightforward present day Aussie western/revenge flick. By no means a great movie, but certainly a solid genre entry - almost '70s-like in its stripped down matter-of-factness. Even better, the revenge element never devolves into the nihilistic gorefest every other revenge movie these days seem to wallow in, and that alone gets it on my good side. A thumb up for Red Hill!

  12. 4LOM's rating of the film Red Hill

    "Death has come to your little town, Sheriff." Dieses Zitat aus John Carpenters "Halloween" könnte sich auch in Patrick Hughes' "Red Hill" wiederfinden, diesem aufs Wesentliche konzentrierten, kleinen australischen Neo-Western-Thriller mit Slasher-Anklängen. Leider hatte Kinowelt nicht den Schneid, den Film nach der 2010er Berlinale in die Kinos zu bringen, sondern ihn nur auf DVD und Blu-ray zu veröffentlichen.

  13. Mitch Oehlman's rating of the film Red Hill

  14. mcnail's rating of the film Red Hill

    It's a little flimsy, and there were definitely some eye-roll moments, but overall it was entertaining.

  15. fortytwoshadesofblue's rating of the film Red Hill

    A poor attempt of a western. The film started really nicely, great cinematography, locations and a good story set up, it then started moving at a very slow pace and even in the midst of the action sequences it didn't pick up. I didn't feel a character arc, the acting was fine but the main character wasn't active enough for me and found myself looking at the time wondering when the movie was going to end.

  16. Caden Cotard's rating of the film Red Hill

    It tries hard, but it's utterly preposterous. Cool set pieces aside, this is entirely disposable.

  17. tachyon's rating of the film Red Hill

    I am a sucker for revenge flicks, especially when it was as enjoyable as this one! One of my MIFF favourite so far!