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  1. Mic-kosh-ka's rating of the film Red Lights

  2. James's rating of the film Red Lights

    Christopher Nolan does the supernatural. Not bad.

  3. lostlevel's rating of the film Red Lights

    I can see how this could be a marmite film, a bit like Clint Eastwood's The Hereafter this does rely on the suspension of disbelief and prevailing through some of the clunkier moments. Ultimately I'm not disappointed but can understand why I hadn't stumbled across this film before.

  4. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Red Lights

    Some seriously problematic continuity faults work watching out for in a film that has potential and a great cast - bur what a waste.

  5. Oisin Share's rating of the film Red Lights

    It’s entertaining, though I can understand why I had never heard of it prior to its MUBI appearance. Everyone except for Murphy is kind of a bit disoriented or waiting for the good bit to kick in. Some terrible acting in the later scenes. Overall pretty pointless, bigger in scale than it needed to be.

  6. Jerome Wanliss's rating of the film Red Lights

    Everything was great about this movie for me until it reached the end, which made for an unsatisfactory conclusion, and which I felt, let down the premise being set up throughout the movie.

  7. Cha cha cha's rating of the film Red Lights

    Massively let down by the ending. Would give a 4 star for the rest of the film for the acting and cinematography.

  8. John Burgess's rating of the film Red Lights

    This film got perilously close to dreadful. After a great opening & a fair first half, it just tumbles into high-budget silliness after Ms Weaver exits before barely redeeming itself with a Sixth Sense plot twist (sorry - shameless spoiler - but you're not going to care much.) And a moan about accents: Cillian Murphy & Toby Jones - two damn fine actors, but did they really need to put on such awful American voices?

  9. PFL's rating of the film Red Lights

    Rodrigo Cortes draws an uncharacteristically cartoonish performance from Cillian Murphy in a picture that never lives up to its beguiling premise. Admittedly there are a few enjoyably suspenseful sequences (and it is diverting enough on the whole) but all too often the film seems to be trying to be something it is not whilst the ending - with its echoes of M. Night Shyamalan - is underwhelming and unconvincing.

  10. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Red Lights

    The 3rd act really drags the film down a notch, first part of the film is very good

  11. Mark's rating of the film Red Lights

    What a shame, great actors, intriguing start but plummets steeply into the abyss with poor and incoherent script. I ain’t no director but as a viewer I’m qualified to say “poor show”. Won’t stop me from watching more of RC’s movies, but I’ll be wary!

  12. conny's rating of the film Red Lights

    a silly film. unduly noisy. a terrible score. a film to be watched whilst making dinner or on the loo or bashing biscuit tin lids together at a children's party. Mr. de Niro has become something of a cliché and the others fill the gaps as required. there's a clue in the title ?

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Red Lights

    Red Lights may not be quite as clever as it thinks it is, but that doesn't stop it from being a fine slice of entertainment while it's on. Always interesting and entertaining, it may stumble in the grand finale, but it does so with such gusto that it kind of gets away with its trickery. The fact that it maintains its own movie-world logic is also a major factor in sugar-coating the pill that the third act delivers.

  14. Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film Red Lights

  15. effemnoir's rating of the film Red Lights

    This is a film that I can watch multiple times and not get tired of. I very much adore Cillian Murphy and all of the films he's been in; he's a wonderful actor who has the ability to portray a variety of characters. Red Lights' take on the supernatural was a common one, although the ending had me thinking for a while afterward. In all honesty, I really did love it.

  16. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Red Lights

    Buon inizio, con un calo verso metà e una casuta rovinosa sul finale. Contesto interessante che poteva dare buoni spunti. Molti elementi narrativi fuori luogo e forzati.Sviluppo molto prevedibile.Finale abbastanza brutto e scollegato da tutto il resto, che smonta la critica verso i falsi medium. Regia zoppicante, con un montaggio a volte un po' grezzo ed uno stile che non riesce ad appassionare.Colonna sonora anonima

  17. Thomas's rating of the film Red Lights

    Middling thriller, slick direction and editing.

  18. spiderliliez's rating of the film Red Lights

    The only problem I have with "Red Lights" was that it wasn't able to establish a good foundation to explore and go where it wanted to go. They've got a great cast, and an interesting plot, but sadly a story badly told. It's a shame, they seem to have prepared a good twist, but that screenplay didn't deserved it. It's a little disappointing, but enough to enjoy it.

  19. J. O.'s rating of the film Red Lights

    Had potential but ultimately fell apart. Suffered mostly from a really clunky, awkward script (at least at times) that meanders way too much.

  20. Eric Smith's rating of the film Red Lights

    Pretty super great until the garbage ending.

  21. Frederico Cintra Torres's rating of the film Red Lights

  22. __'s rating of the film Red Lights

    The first half of the film is engaging and intriguing. Things begin to get over the top but remain worthwhile if you aren't expecting realism in the slightest. The ending is oddly moving even though the tone shifts out of nowhere. An odd and flawed but ultimately worthwhile and beautifully shot film.

  23. Jayc's rating of the film Red Lights

  24. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Red Lights

    What makes Red Lights a fascinating film is how it manages to trick you, but with creating a veil over the tricking to make it look like something else entirely. It was a moving film for this reason and deserves more attention, since the lesson learned within is that we should all take a step back, refocus, take a closer look, realize what is in front of us, and make a determination. A solid, well-done film.

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