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  1. Photo of Jordi Frades

    Jordi Frades Director

  2. Photo of José Manuel Gómez

    José Manuel Gómez Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ana Álvarez

    Ana Álvarez Cast

  4. Photo of Santi Prego

    Santi Prego Cast

  5. Photo of Josep Linuesa

    Josep Linuesa Cast

  6. Photo of Xavier Estévez

    Xavier Estévez Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel Regueiro

    Manuel Regueiro Cast

  8. Photo of Marcos Orsi

    Marcos Orsi Cast

  9. Photo of Mónica Van Campen

    Mónica Van Campen Cast

  10. Photo of Roberto Gomez

    Roberto Gomez Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Richter

    Hans Richter Cast

  12. Photo of Luis Iglesia

    Luis Iglesia Cast

  13. Photo of Abelardo Gabriel

    Abelardo Gabriel Cast

  14. Photo of Juan Carlos Lausín

    Juan Carlos Lausín Cinematography

  15. Photo of Xavier Capellas

    Xavier Capellas Music