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  1. Photo of Bodil Ipsen

    Bodil Ipsen Director

  2. Photo of Lau Lauritzen

    Lau Lauritzen Director

  3. Photo of Jens Dennow

    Jens Dennow Producer

  4. Photo of Henning Karmark

    Henning Karmark Producer

  5. Photo of Leck Fischer

    Leck Fischer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ole Juul

    Ole Juul Screenplay

  7. Photo of Rudolf Frederiksen

    Rudolf Frederiksen Cinematography

  8. Photo of Poul Reichhardt

    Poul Reichhardt Cast

  9. Photo of Lisbeth Movin

    Lisbeth Movin Cast

  10. Photo of Per Buckhøj

    Per Buckhøj Cast

  11. Photo of Gyrd Løfquist

    Gyrd Løfquist Cast

  12. Photo of Kjeld Jacobsen

    Kjeld Jacobsen Cast

  13. Photo of Preben Kaas

    Preben Kaas Cast

  14. Photo of Arne Hersholdt

    Arne Hersholdt Cast

  15. Photo of Karl Jørgensen

    Karl Jørgensen Cast

  16. Photo of Marie Ejlersen

    Marie Ejlersen Editing

  17. Photo of Helge Norél

    Helge Norél Production Design

  18. Photo of Sven Gyldmark

    Sven Gyldmark Music

  19. Photo of Bent Høyer

    Bent Høyer Sound