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  1. Photo of Dhimiter Anagnosti

    Dhimiter Anagnosti Director

  2. Photo of Timo Flloko

    Timo Flloko Cast

  3. Photo of Agim Qirjaqi

    Agim Qirjaqi Cast

  4. Photo of Kadri Roshi

    Kadri Roshi Cast

  5. Photo of Alfred Kote

    Alfred Kote Cast

  6. Photo of Liza Laska

    Liza Laska Cast

  7. Photo of Anastas Kristofori

    Anastas Kristofori Cast

  8. Photo of Luan Qerimi

    Luan Qerimi Cast

  9. Photo of Pavlina Mani

    Pavlina Mani Cast

  10. Photo of Enver Dauti

    Enver Dauti Cast

  11. Photo of Strazimir Zaimi

    Strazimir Zaimi Cast

  12. Photo of Enea Zeku

    Enea Zeku Cast

  13. Photo of Artur Hoxholli

    Artur Hoxholli Cast

  14. Photo of Krenar Arifi

    Krenar Arifi Cast

  15. Photo of Gjergj Pilika

    Gjergj Pilika Cast