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  1. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film Red River

  2. Walker's rating of the film Red River

    Love the playful touch Hawks always seems to bestow on his work; it is instantly recognizable

  3. Francisco's rating of the film Red River

  4. ConorKennedy's rating of the film Red River

    A nice, often forgotten western with a great performance by Montgomery Clift opposite John Wayne, who is as stubborn and as John Wayne as ever. Lots of homoerotic undertones here but some people would probably never pick up on it.

  5. JulesAteJim's rating of the film Red River

  6. nessmj's rating of the film Red River

    Hawks consistently elucidating the varying manners in which people can love one another and exactly what that love does to/for individuals. To what depths will one go to achieve a dream? How does one really begin to operate within the parameters of a certain kind of love whilst simultaneously attempting to find that dream?

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Red River

    Une oeuvre devenue un classique du western et qui demeure un des films majeurs de la riche carrière de Howard Hawks. La prestation de Montgomery Clift, dans son deuxième rôle au cinema, est en tout point remarquable. Donc, un grand western !

  8. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Red River

    Man enough to be a cow-boy? The great manly adventure: 13 years after LLOYD's Bounty, HAWKS revisits in Texas the theme of mutiny. Too bad the dark character of WAYNE was sweetened by a Hollywood ending. Assez homme pour être un cow-boy? La grande aventure virile: 13 ans après le Bounty de LLOYD, HAWKS revisite au Texas le thème de la mutinerie. Dommage que le sombre personnage de WAYNE fut édulcoré par un happy end

  9. Loud Rocks's rating of the film Red River

  10. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Red River

    Ok so I don't like the ending either but that don't take away the classic from this certified classic. Would not mind a artsy fartsy remake, The old western themes of the story could really be turned on its head. Anywho, Wayne is rarely better, Monty is Monty, and the whole story, as alluded to earlier, hits all the classic western themes perfectly. Genuinely thrilling action packed film. Hawks is Great.

  11. Braden Vallenères's rating of the film Red River

    There's a lot to like about this Western that posits the question, what if Starbuck had mutinied against Ahab instead of just thinking about it (is it coincidence that the film starts the same year that Moby Dick was published? Probably, but whatever). Still, it's not the masterpiece that is Hawks' later collaboration with Wayne: Rio Bravo.

  12. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Red River

    In the company of murderers any sign of tenderness, mercy or "weakness" feels like a load of. A smile from Waynes carachter feels like love, so I genuinely begin to love the terrible man in return.

  13. Aardsy's rating of the film Red River

    You should read my John Wayne/Montgomery Clift fanfic.

  14. SpacePirate's rating of the film Red River

    Not sure why people have beef with the ending. This is top notch western by one of the best directors of all time. Wayne gives possibly his best performance outside of The Quiet Man. Essential.

  15. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Red River

  16. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Red River

    The ball is set in motion when Wayne abandons the exquisite Fen, played by the exquisite Coleen Gray, to her grisly fate. He makes everyone pay for his mistake.

  17. Daniel Metcalf's rating of the film Red River

    Close, but not quite a masterpiece. Mixed feelings over the ending.

  18. Stasya Korotkova's rating of the film Red River

    I started truly enjoying westerns only after realising they all are gay movies.

  19. Brendan's rating of the film Red River

    Hawks' American capitalism

  20. A47's rating of the film Red River

    There's something pure about everything in this movie: the way characters are introduced, the plot, the dialogue, even the love story that everyone complains about. There's a poetic sense of adventure and wonder that surpasses the typical tropes and conquest of the open range. Red River has a balanced look at individuals within a group - a true Western. Just one cattle in the heard... to market.

  21. JLR's rating of the film Red River

    "One of the finest westerns ever made, this sweeping and powerful masterpiece features impassioned performances, stunning cinematography and adventure on a grand scale." Couldn't have said it better. Keep your "Rio Bravos". I want damn good Westerns.

  22. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Red River

    So far, the absolute best western I have seen.

  23. josé neves's rating of the film Red River

    Cinematography by Russell Harlan. "Desire" list: I do not like the male impassivity of Wayne, but i greatly like the evanescent confidence of Clift and, in this film, his immense beauty - that would be quickly lost in a car accident, giving him the tremor that Duras liked so much. With holster and guns, his masculinity learning is always ethereal enough to distrust how much Hawks had fun with it.

  24. Luca Taurini's rating of the film Red River

    Hawks dirige uno dei western più famosi e belli di sempre, non a caso l'immenso John Ford lo descriveva spesso come suo "rivale". Una pellicola cruda, con un John Wayne più in forma che mai e un Montgomery Clift che lascia intravedere tutte le sue future potenzialità. 4,5* più che meritate.

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