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  1. Photo of Michael Paré

    Michael Paré Cast

  2. Photo of Roy Scheider

    Roy Scheider Cast

  3. Photo of Oleg Taktarov

    Oleg Taktarov Cast

  4. Photo of Irina Apeksimova

    Irina Apeksimova Cast

  5. Photo of John Mastando

    John Mastando Cast

  6. Photo of Gary Kasper

    Gary Kasper Cast

  7. Photo of Alexander Nevsky

    Alexander Nevsky Cast

  8. Photo of Lyubov Tolkalina

    Lyubov Tolkalina Cast

  9. Photo of Olga Yakovtseva

    Olga Yakovtseva Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Zajtsev

    Vladimir Zajtsev Cast

  11. Photo of Ignat Akrachkov

    Ignat Akrachkov Cast

  12. Photo of Gino Tanasescu

    Gino Tanasescu Director

  13. Photo of Drew Fleming

    Drew Fleming Screenplay

  14. Photo of Alex Kustanovich

    Alex Kustanovich Screenplay

  15. Photo of Ramil Yamaleyev

    Ramil Yamaleyev Screenplay

  16. Photo of Cyndy Kuipers

    Cyndy Kuipers Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Bob Van Ronkel

    Bob Van Ronkel Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Oleg Kapanets

    Oleg Kapanets Producer and Cast

  19. Photo of George Lascu

    George Lascu Producer

  20. Photo of Kenneth Burgomaster

    Kenneth Burgomaster Music

  21. Photo of John Valentino

    John Valentino Music

  22. Photo of Andrei Zhegalov

    Andrei Zhegalov Cinematography

  23. Photo of Matt Harry

    Matt Harry Editing